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  1. Do I miss something? There was no update available. Or what do you mean by ROM. Is this not the normal System update? And what is DM? Where do I get this FOTA?
  2. adb wait-for-device shell getprop ro.boot.hmdcfg Shows 1,1,1
  3. Hi there I'm not able to find something new about this topic. Seems there was silence for over a month. I still have this lens distortion problem. In this condition this headset is worthless for me. I'm realy used to different vr headset but this causes nasea after a few minutes. Is there some official developer support mail adress? There is no way I'm gona invest time for development if there is no fix for this problem. I always defended HTC but I realy think about giving the oculus santa cruz a try (Next year). They have real controllers at least. I realy would like to get some answer from HTC. With best regards P. Blattnig
  4. The selfmade mod is no solution for me. I dont think we have to modify the headset ourselves. As developers we modify the software not the hardware. The hack looks too unprofessionel (no insult intended) to demonstrate to friends/customers. I would expect a solution from HTC. The optics of the vive/pro was ok. I dont expect less from a headset with the same resolution, FOW and company. Please HTC. Could you inform us what steps are planned in this regard? Thanks. Greetings P. Blattnig
  5. I just wana confirm (for the protocol/HTC) that this problem is serious for me also. Please provide thinner foam. A software solution alone will result in a smaller field of view than in vive pro. Nontheless. Different people have different faces. Software correction should leave the user with some adjustment possibility. Thank you
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