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  1. Hello, I bought a HTC vive in december 2017, and one month later I realize playing Fallout 4, that the right click of the Wand's trackpad wasn't working, i took nearly 1 month after contacting the technical support to get another wand, then one month after I get trouble with black screen in the HMD, after multiple google search and contact with the technical support cause they seem to loose my contact during nearly one week, they finally accept to repair it, it was the 3-1 cable who was in cause, but the all process spend one month and half to get throught, when I finally get my HMD back, and wanna give it a try, i realized the my others wand as the same problem than the other, so I'll have to send it back also... and maybe wait for one month again to play!!! Now my HTC vive spend more time waiting for technical support than on my head playing, I would like to ask HTC a compensation for all the unpleasantness and frustration, has an offer for the htc vive pro, or the deluxe audio strap, but the technical service seem to don't have any ability for this, so does there is a way to contact someone who actually can hear my request and do something for it? Thanks in advance Guillaume
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