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  1. Hi @JLeBlanc Sorry we don't have much experience debugging Snapdragon Profiler problems. We did a quick test on a simple Unreal app and it does work here. Just that the Profiler shows no response for about one minute after selecting the app to launch. Maybe you can try clarify this problem by contacting Qualcomm. And actually Wave SDK also provides a Profiler for Unreal. You may refer to this page: https://hub.vive.com/storage/docs/en-us/UnrealPlugin/UnrealProfiler.html We'd suggest you can have a try, if there is no other reason you must use Snapdragon Profiler.
  2. Hi @pouria79, In your case since the only thing you need is getting button events, basically you don't need to use InputModuleManager or ControllerLoader. You may work with only Assets/WaveVR/Prefabs/WaveVRButtons. if you want to get events continuously while button pressed and held you may use GetPress(), otherwise GetPressDown() or GetPressUp(). We'd suggest you try the Assets/Samples/Button_Test/ sample in wvr_unity_samples.unitypackage. You may build an apk with this simple sample and test it in Vive Focus. If you find this sample also works unexpectedly, or you think you've done everything right but still couldn't get the result you want, we can help to check your logs or simplified project.
  3. Hi @VinciTW, @dmzl Thanks for your interest in SRWorks SDK. Please provide your email address by private message. And we'll send you the download link that can only be accessed by you.
  4. @bleater If pass-through mode works and permission is added in AndroidManifest.xml, it's more likely something missing in the implementation. I suppose you have read the WVR Camera section of Wave Native SDK document. We can check what's wrong if you provide full log.
  5. Hi @bleater You'll need to add a permission as below to access the camera in AndroidManifest.xml. <uses-permission android:name=”android.permission.CAMERA” /> Please try if it works for you.
  6. Hi @bleater I'm following up with RD team checking the updated info. Meanwhile would you provide full log to me by private message attach file? It would be helpful for us to analyze the problem.
  7. @bleater The log clip shows it failed getting Qvr device helper and causing camera API couldn’t work. We’d suggest you to check first if other camera functions are good. For example, double tap power button to trigger pass-through mode. If it’s not, the issue could be related to qualcomm service. Please try reboot and see if the problem still happens.
  8. Hi @ValtechVR Usually the Unity video player related issues are little to do with Wave SDK and it's not much support we can provide. I'll have our team to check If you may narrow down this issue and provide more clues showing it's related to Wave SDK. Maybe you can check if the same issue happens with a generic android project.
  9. Hi @Dene We'd suggest that you try Android SDK's AudioManager first. The public method setStreamVolume() should be what you need. You may check the link shared above to see some sample code.
  10. Basically the newly calibrated parameters are saved so you don't need to do it over and over. However, new errors will keep being accumulated due to environment factors or the sensors internally. So eventually you'll have to do the calibration steps again, if you find the controller starts drifting again.
  11. Hi @luochuanyuewu We found it's conflicting to other tool installed on your build machine. Could be a false alarm. Suggest to try below quick fix to make it build pass. Find this file: <YourProject>/Plugins/WaveVR/Source/WaveVR/WaveVR_UPL.xml Add line 80 80 -dontwarn org.mockito.** 81 -dontwarn com.htc.vr.** This should help you keep working on the project. We think it shouldn't be any impact disabling this warning for your case. Please let us know if it works for you.
  12. Repost here again to save searching time. [Finch controller calibration steps to fix drifting problem] Turn off both headset and controller Turn on controller, wave in a 8 shape 10 times Wait till controller turns off Turn on headset and connect controller @henrikvrtraveler
  13. @KDM That is beyond merely a technical question. Per the info I got from company internal, for now I don't hear there is official recommended way to flash your device with ROM of a different SKU. Even if you do that with unofficial way, there is risk the device will not able to receive future FOTA.
  14. Hi @luochuanyuewu We've passed your question to the the engineering team and it's under checking. I'll get back to you once we have further update.
  15. Correct the latest ROM version of Focus DK SKU : The current latest Dev ROM is 2.04.1400.2. Still it's normal and expected your commercial device ROM version is 1.69.xxx.6. Also edited on the original post with corrected information.
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