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  1. Hi @aze This is under Wave team investigating. Suspect a Unity bug on certain versions. Will let you know if any new finding. Thanks for reporting it.
  2. Hi @Digital_acid We suspect it is related to GPU memory problem with certain versions of Unity. Would you provide more detail information so we can investigate into this issue? 1) The exact Unity 2019 version you are using 2) The device ROM version of your Focus / Focus+ 3) Full log when the crash issue happens.
  3. Hi @aze Thanks for sharing the finding. After switching to single-pass mode we are able to reproduce the issue as you described. It will need some time to study how to fix this problem. I'll update again if any further progress.
  4. Our team checked from VIU and Wave SDK with provided data, but didn't see what caused this issue. Please confirm if this project is set to Android platform and run with VIVE Focus/Focus+ ? We'll need more information to investigate further. For example, would you sand us a sample dummy project to reproduce this issue?
  5. Hi @Jerome-F For your case it seems this app is not for VR, and it's not making use of Focus HMD or Controller. I think it's no need to use Wave SDK to develop this app of standard Android Tablet. Is there any reason you need to use Wave SDK for it?
  6. Hi @LeRuf Wave 3.1.94 introduces a new passthrough feature, you can enable passthrough by pressing twice power button, exiting virtual safety wall, or calling native api manually. It will need to upgrade your VIVE Focus Plus to the special experimental ROM to try this feature. We'd suggest you register your device and try this feature first by following this artical. If this new feature fits your demand you may consider to use it directly in your app.
  7. Hi @hello my Per checked internally at current stage we don't have the plan the add back the mode casting dual-eye image. We've put this request to the list and will be reviewed again for the next version. Thanks for sharing this demand.
  8. @ink stories The link you provided doesn't seem relates to WaveVR. The discussion is about some other VR devices that not supported by Wave. Would you provide more details so we can have a look? What is the Wave SDK version you're using? Are you using Unity or Unreal? And what version is it? Do you see the problem on VIVE Focus, VIVE Focus Plus, or both?
  9. Hi @LTBLStudio You can read these pages first and see if they match your question: (Native SDK) https://hub.vive.com/storage/docs/en-us/FadeOut.html (Use in Unity) https://hub.vive.com/storage/docs/en-us/WaveVR_FadeOut.html (Use in Unreal) https://hub.vive.com/storage/docs/en-us/UnrealPlugin/Unreal_FadeOut.html
  10. If you encounter build fail with Unity 2019.3.10f or 2019.3.11f, we'd suggest upgrading to 2019.3.12f1. There was a known issue about building with target SDK < 28. And it has been fixed in version 2019.3.12f1. This is the release note from Unity website for your reference. https://unity3d.com/unity/whats-new/2019.3.12
  11. At current stage Wave SDK does not officially support UE4.25 yet. Thanks.
  12. Hi @razoredge There is a redesign in SDK 3.0 and after. Please just use Trigger and it will work well for both Focus and Focus Plus. Please also make sure to read the documentation about getting button events: https://hub.vive.com/storage/app/doc/en-us/HowToGetButtonEvent.html
  13. Hi @grovelearning We’re not quite sure about the exact reason of the error. Basically this error shows Unity not able to find wvr_client.aar. If you only see it with custom gradle file you should make sure wvr_client.aar is included correctly. Would you send us the custom gradle file so we can check it further? You may send it to me by private message.
  14. Hi guys. Just to share that we do have this issue working in progress with priority. It's not yet ready for preview right now. But once we have it we'll let you know. Thanks again for your patience.
  15. Thanks for your interest. At current stage we don't have a clear roadmap or release date yet. The recommended way for Unity developers is still to go with the Wave SDK Unity plugin available on VIVE developer website. When we have further information ready to share, we'll announce it here in the forum. Thank you!
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