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  1. ok good idea. i will try if we just use Run Admisnistrator for saving file and if it load correctly in normal mode. I used windows 10. Thank you Chengnay
  2. Hi, I feedback you about binding role. it is better now with binding menu and cfg. file. for stabilize tracker role. I d like to talk you about an access violation during saving .cfg file in Program Files (x86) folder. Because i create an installer for my unity program and during installation it save the app in this folder by default. (utils for updating app) So some of my customers using my app, an access violation appear during tracker role binding process, i say to copy the unity folder program in another place (out of program file forler) and after that, it work correctly it saving .cfg file and registered tracker role. So can you look this violation error access please ? Best regards, Loic
  3. Allright thank you very much. I think we can make a very good product together !
  4. Hi, i have a serious problem about vive tracker. I sell a B to B solution with multiple vive tracker. I charged full the vive tracker until to have white led light. I used 5 minutes for try, Ok, i disconnect vive tracker for stop. When i am back for retry 10 or 20 minutes after, tracker won"t to light ON. Impossible to light On. Always i need to recable the tracker to the PC for On again. i see the icon on steam VR. battery is full. I have many customer who call me about this problem. what is this problem with this issue, i already read this on the internet. it looks like the tracker does not hold the charge. yet they have always been recharged with the cables provided by htc I am really bored and I need more support from you. because I sell your equipment to customers who will then ask me for accounts. So, i patient for understand how resolve this; is it a tracker problem or it it my system who be bad. Best regards, Loic (iMMERGENCE Studio) @jagibson
  5. i think to found the right way to use ! a little script call too earlier, now its ok when i call later from start running runtime. @chengnay
  6. i really need help because it is a solution for multiple customers. need to improve the product with more stability and simplify installation process for customer. let me know how do for use correctly this binding scene configuration. Best, Loic
  7. in tracker dialog box all tracker box are disconnect everytime i have tracker on but it is indicace it is disconnect !? difficult to know which tracker is on, what is off
  8. Hi, i updated input utility in my actual project. some change appears, i don't have interaction from vive input virtual button script (for receive interaction from pin tracker) i receive nothing now. any idea about that please ? (before update it was ok.)
  9. Hi, i developped a solution with real extinguisher. i have multiple tracker vive (3) i determine role in beginning and save in prefs the position for each tracker. So later in runtime, role change and they don"t have the righ place ! Do you know why ? How resolve the instability of tracker role ? how have the same right index role for eash tracker for have the good place please give some issue. Best regards, Loic - iMMERGENCE Studio
  10. yes i increase version number to 1.01 i try high also in build settings but no changes. always same message who block the upload. i tried to change bundle version code too. i will retry
  11. I have this error message when i want to tranfert a new update on the dashboard. i tried to augment version and bundle code version but not better. Any idea about this error message please ? You must use the largest value of the version code for each version.
  12. Oh heard, yes it was to improve the gameplay in case there will be more players with the same HMD and if one of them is left-handed. Ok I understand that it is before the launch of the application that it is necessary to parameter this choice. So hoping that there is not too much left-handed in the world who wants to play bowling on the Focus. I will try to make a multi player online one to one, it could be nice. Ok thank you for putting the info back to your teams. I was wondering if it is possible to have two controllers with the Vive focus? is it possible to order a single controller? because mine has fallen several times and it sometimes seems buggy and no longer hold the trigger Get pressed continuously. I sometimes have trouble grasping my object for example. Tell you soon best,
  13. Did you try to add all permissions maybe ? or maybe it isa difference with public and developper focus version. i will published soon. it not cool to be blocked like that by the system. What is your title product ? Can you make some screenshot to show the problem ?
  14. this is the code i do, for have left hand , and right hand at statup the game in focus. private void CheckHandActive(){ if (WaveVR_Controller.Input(WVR_DeviceType.WVR_DeviceType_Controller_Right).connected) { if(WaveVR_Controller.IsLeftHanded){ rightHandController.SetActive (false); leftHandController.SetActive (true); userIsLeft = true; }else{ rightHandController.SetActive (true); leftHandController.SetActive (false); userIsLeft = false; } } } with this code, it is ok. it is more simple like other code WaveVR_ControllerManager. the particularity is, i need to use a right and type mode on lefthand gameObject. if i put left type, it doen't work !? that is very strange. So after, i want to switching at runrime with a menu (What is your hand ? Right or Left ?) i try this code but It blocked, i lost controller, it disapear. public void ChangeHandToLeft(){ WaveVR_Controller.SetLeftHandedMode (true); rightHandController.SetActive (false); leftHandController.SetActive (true); userIsLeft = true; } public void ChangeHandToRight(){ WaveVR_Controller.SetLeftHandedMode (false); rightHandController.SetActive (true); leftHandController.SetActive (false); userIsLeft = false; } can you ask to a developper please ? for know why left type display the right hand ? and how switch. Gige us the right code please ... you use in the menu of vive focus in settings. Best
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