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  1. I think i have seen this overheat issue too. For me it was probably after 3 hours play and then the screen just went grey and stayed grey. I unplugged the battery and put it back in again and then it was ok. I touched the top of the adaptor and it was redhot. This is on the VIVE Pro. I checked the log files and my M_Temperature also did seem really high when this happened, just under 90.
  2. Thanks for the info, i aready tried this found it on a reddit thread. And happy to say all seems good so far. Thays for the extra info on why it works. If it happens again ill removeand refit it, but why its not broken i aint fixin it. Cheers.
  3. So i have had my VIVE Pro (full 2.0 kit) for approximately 2 months now and i have been very happy with it until today... I was just booting up Beat Saber and as a i was positioning the ear cups i heard the audio in the left ear cut out and it stayed off. So i 'wiggled' it a bit and the audio came back on. I then rolled my head around to test it in various positions and as i looked to the floor the left ear cut out and back in again a couple of times in quick sucession which made it sound like a 'crackle' per say. I then played with the positioning of the earcup a little more and more cut out
  4. is it Valve we are also waiting for on the update to make the BS2.0 go to sleep via bluetooth? At the moment i have to unplug my bs which is a little but of a pain, tge sleep funtion on the bs1.0 was nice. Cheers.
  5. Ok thanks for the info, any kind of eta on this being addressed. Cheers.
  6. Yes i did notice if i unplug and plug in again it shows white. But surely its a controller firmware bug not steamvr? When i charge my controllers my pc is off so its just a function of the controller fir.ware? Cheers.
  7. Ok So i managed to fix 1) of my questions above, this was due to the windows 10 update 1803, i had to go into windows privacy settings and allo use of my camera to applications, however i still have the same issue with my 2) question. Cheers.
  8. Hi, im also seeing this behaviour with my SteamVR 2.0 controllers. The charge LED remains orange even after the controllers are fully charged. After they are charged, if i unplug and replug the controller back in only then will it show up white, but it never turns white after they have been charged after use. They are on the latest firmware as of today and it doesnt really matter what system spec i have as the computer isnt on while they are charging... Cheers.
  9. I ordered the FULL VIVE Pro SteamVR 2.0 kit and have got it setup and running with games OK. The basestations, controllers and headset are all tracking fine and i can game without issues. However i do have a couple of issues that i would like some assistance with 1) The Camera is showing up as not available in SteamVR, suggesting that its a problem with the USB, see photo https://imgur.com/kkR5Pwi I have tried every USB port on my computer and all give the same result, i only have USB3.0 and USB3.1 ports available, no USB2.0 ports to try. I have tried SteamVR and SteamVR beta (numerous ti
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