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  1. Hello guys, I was very busy these last weeks at my work and had no time to test my repaired VP2. Like you Gamedrix, I sent it two times for repair. The first time, they did not do anything but the second time, they changed the panels. My first impressions is that it is better but these vertical lines have not completely disappeared. I still see them, unfortunately. So far, that bother me less but that could be a placebo effect. I have to check that in my games. Therefore, I decided to keep the headset but this is not completely satisfying for me. I still hope they will include a software correction in one of the next Vive Console Software releases. Best regards, Laurent
  2. And still this problem of vertical lines on the VP2... Are you working on a workaround at least (like Valve did on the Index) ?
  3. In my opinion, you are not sensitive to this issue. Do not expect very large vertical lines but tiny ones, easier to detect on a uniform background (and when moving the head). Similarly, many users were satisfied with the wireless adapter (on the VP1) because they were not sensitive to the subtle loss of image quality (I did not test it on my VP2). I am pretty sure that all VP2 headsets have this "vertical lines" issue and that is why HTC is silent.
  4. With this kind of answer, do not be surprised if your customers ask for a refund now. I am fed up. This is a promising headset but since we do not receive any answer on this major issue, we are obliged to ask for a refund. This is incomprehensible for me.
  5. Yes, see my post above (https://forum.vive.com/topic/9859-be-awareim-also-experiencing-vertical-lines-with-head-movement/?do=findComment&comment=41384 No fault/No failure according to HTC... That is why I am asking a refund now.
  6. That's good news for you. I hope I will obtain a refund as well. I'm still waiting for a final answer.
  7. I should have returned it before the end of the first 2 weeks. I was hoping for a fix ! They claim it is a hardware problem but I still do not understand why this happened suddenly after the headset fimware update. We all need an explanation. Please communicate HTC ! Either you are working on a fix (I still think that reverting back to the previous firmware would solve the problem) or we need to be refund. There is no other alternative. This is an excellent headset but this problem ruins the experience.
  8. I do not understand how they missed that during the testing phase. Clearly, this headset was not ready for a worldwide release. They should have waited for a few months more in order to fix all these issues. This is not serious.
  9. We are in the same situation. I received my headset back from Romania today and I contacted HTC-France for a refund. I am really furious.
  10. Hello guys, @GAMEDRIX: First I opened a ticket with HTC-France and explained my problem, citing the various discussions we have on this topic (not only in this forum). Then I sent back the headset to their repair center based in Romania for HTC-Europe. @Franky2021: thank you for your feedback. Do you still have your headset ? Have you received your refund ?
  11. The same for me (vertical lines, that is why I posted my comment here) except the audio buzz.
  12. Hi guys, After 10 days back in Romania for a diagnostic, HTC sends me backs my VP2 (I will receive it tomorrow) with this report : "No Repair Action after testing (C001). No Failure/Fault found". I'm furious !!! I asked them a complete refund !
  13. Apparentely. After a long discussion with the support team, they asked me to return the headset for a diagnostic. I am sceptical but there is no alternative.
  14. Thank you for your reply. If it is not caused by the last firmware update of the headset, how can you explain this symptom appeared after having updated this firmware ? Just a coincidence ?
  15. I never had an Index so it is completely new for me. I found that on Reddit: "Pixel inversion is caused by a voltage issue of LCD panels. Your mainboard, drivers, CPU etc. are influencing this issue. Valve made a software "Column correction" just for that. Besides the technical influence, it depends on the user, too. How good is the personal eye sight, is the sweet spot found, mind blending it out etc. A friend of mine used my Valve Index and had hard times to see the pixel inversion albeit for me it was really clear to see. Good for you to not see this pattern. It is really distracting." If it is a voltage issue, it might be both a hardware AND a software/firmware problem. I hope it is reversible.
  16. We already contacted the customer support and opened tickets. It is not that simple. The issue appeared just after an update. Everything was fine when we received the headset. A test with the old fimware would be very simple to realize. I am sure that sending back the headset will not change anything. Why some of us do not see these vertical lines is indeed a good question. Maybe a problem with some graphic cards (mine is a RTX 3090) but I'm not an expert.
  17. I perfectly agree with you. They could at least tell us they are trying to solve the problem. Meanwhile, they could allow us to download the previous firmware/software as a workaround.
  18. After having opened a ticket with the support team, having sent various technical reports (generated with the vive console and with Steam Vr), they asked me to... switch off the link box, wait 10 seconds and switch it on again. Of course, nothing happens ! This is definitely a software problem so please send us the previous firmware of the headset (and the vive console version This is the only way to confirm our hypothesis because I am sure that sending the headset back will not solve the problem.
  19. I guess you have contacted the support team like me. We are all waiting for an update. At least, they could tell us they are working on a fix and let us download the original software/firmware (i am prettry sure now this is due to the headset firmware update). I cannot play anymore with these lines.
  20. Sorry for this late answer. I reinstalled after burner and yes, my problems disappeared after having disabled all monitoring options in this software. Again, I have several reflective surfaces in my play room and they were not responsible of these dropped frames (or maybe occasionnally).
  21. Hi, I also experienced "micro-slips" with my new vive pro, even in Steam VR home. I believed it was a tracking issue and I tried different solutions. In particular, I tried different USB ports, bought an Inateck PCI card, added sheets to cover reflective surfaces etc... Nothing changed. In the new steam VR beta, I realized that these "micro-slips" corresponded to vertical pink (purple ?) lines in the time frame graph. I guess these lines represent "dropped frames" (not the red ones, the pink ones). Yesterday, I uninstalled MSI afterburner. That was the solution ! Since then, I read elsewhere it is important to deactivate monitoring options in this software. I will try to reinstall MSI afterburner tonight but deactivating its monitoring options. I guess any monitoring softwares may cause such "dropped frames" issues. By the way, I have many reflective surfaces in my play room (door window, screen, glass of desktop tower) and this is not a real issue.
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