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  1. Hi! Sorry for the delayed response. I used this time x2 for AA and it seems better. I can still see the FPS goes down to 3X, but most of the time is 7X. Its the default scene, plus adding the FPS as text in the menu widget.
  2. Hi many thanks for your reply. I attaching a capture. As you can see, FPS is 32. But FPS is not very constant, going up and down. Maybe is defective or maybe I am doing something really really wrong?
  3. Thank you Tony. The main issue we are having is just adding a simple block, the FPS goes down to 30-40. Also frame rate is very inconsistent (moving a lot from 30-40, sometimes lower, sometime bigger. So I also asking anyone who developed it some nice advise to we can compose at least one basic room with high framerate Thanks!
  4. Hi! I want to share my experience so far with Focus and UE4 as latest beta version. We are using UE4 with the Focus. But the performance is really bad, as with only one 3D object in screen, the fps goes down to 30-40fps. I saw several tips for FPS improvement in the forum, but those are mostly for Unity. There is something for UE4? Maybe tweaking some .ini files, etc? We can add more 3d objects to the scene, and performance goes to 20-30fps mostly. I know the SDK is beta, but I wonder if its possible to know when is going to be release a next version or if the performance can be improved with UE4... or we need to stick with Unity. I am open for any suggestion. Thank you very much! -Nacho
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