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  1. @C.T.Selecting that option makes no difference. SteamVR still doesn't launch automatically and if left alone, eventually the compositor crashes out (see screenshot).
  2. Hi @Tony PH Lin - I do use the device quite a lot so if possible I would like to be added to the whitelist. I'll PM you my serial number.
  3. @Tony PH Lin Thanks for confirming. Is there a quick way to return to the previous dev ROM version?
  4. Thanks for getting back to me. Are you saying that there should be no visual changes for an app built on an SDK before version 3.2? Definitely saw some weird effects in the ViveportM launcher after the update. I'll grab a logcat and the version number later on this week.
  5. Yesterday my Focus Plus updated to a new ROM version (4.01.623.320). This appears to have made significant changes to the display, and now I am finding that I immediately start to feel nauseous as the display is not moving to the same degree as my head movements. When moving my head, the image displayed appears to move too much. Everything also "appears" to be much closer than before. I am not sure whether the ROM was due to appear on my HMD or whether or has been pushed out in error. I've submitted a support request for this, but wondering if anyone else had experienced this? @Tony PH Lin
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