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  1. @VibrantNebula Just wanted to let you know that the latest Viveport and headset updates have completely eliminated my issues. The streaming function is really good now, I'm finding very little jitter & almost all apps & games are working with no issues. Many thanks to the devs who have worked on this. So much better than the supposed "wireless" option from Oculus! 😉
  2. @VibrantNebula Would love to get the faceplate, however I am going to struggle to justify the cost. Any chance of a discount code for all the help & feedback we have given HTC over the past few months (hint hint)?? 😉
  3. I had a similar issue and got some prescription lenses from https://vroptician.com/prescription-lens-inserts/htc-vive-cosmos/ - they fit perfectly and everything is crystal clear.
  4. Hi, Rifle-type actions: These are areas that HTC are actively working on, and we should continue to see improvements (it used to be really really bad). Occlusion: Unfortunately with inside-out tracking there are limits to what can be achieved. If the cameras can't see the hidden controller, then the HMD can't be sure where it is exactly. There's a lot of AI in all VR tracking, so I'm assuming that they would need to improve the machine learning code further (which can be combined with the gyroscope readings). It's already drastically improved from a few months ago IMHO.
  5. I'll take a look later on today. To be fair to HTC, they have to use predictive algorithms as there is no way the cameras can possibly see the controllers under all conditions. It's one of the shortfalls of inside out tracking.
  6. Was hoping you'd come back and say that! 😄😄😄
  7. was the beta with the bad tracking. I think the consensus was that the beta of was a vast improvement. Still some issues though.
  8. The card is tiny so should fit in either slot. The best slot is normally the one that is logically closest to the processor (I assume the top one). You might want to upgrade your fan and heatsink as the CPU will be very heavily used once on wireless (especially if you are overclocking). If you want to stick with AMD stock coolers then you'd need the Wraith Max or Wraith Prism. Having said that, it looks like you've got lots of ventilation there, so you might be OK.
  9. You appear to be posting in the wrong forum!!! Not sure what the issue is? Some Cosmos users are reporting grey screens from time to time, I assume it is the same as this? I've experienced this, but seems very intermittent. The best way to report this is to use the Viveport "Report Issue" option in Settings. This way a full set of logs (including Wireless) are sent to HTC and it automatically creates a support case.
  10. Not sure where you read that, but the new faceplate is v 2.0 compatible. Confirmed by HTC earlier this month:-
  11. I'm not sure what else I can do to reassure you. Your processor should be capable of running the adapter with very little intervention. I find the freedom of wireless is amazing, and I am so glad I made the leap. Assuming you can't get it working then you should he able to return it with no issues (assuming you live in the EU).
  12. No idea on the ability to test not aware of anything), but the AMD issue was resolved last year (January I think it was). The card is a PCI x1 type so you should be fine with that. What processor do you have?
  13. Beta_Tester


    That doesn't sound right. Mine gets mildly warm after extended use. There is a small fan on the RH side at the front (as you look at the device from the front). When it starts to warm up the fan should start. Can you hear a fan? Where does it feel hot?
  14. The original Cosmos is still on sale & HTC have always said they were going to release a lighthouse-compatible faceplate. I quite agree regarding a substantial discount though.
  15. The company is providing 3 new versions of the Cosmos. 2 of these use the same inside out tracking as ours, so I've no doubt they will have to make further improvements to the tracking. New versions are coming, but they have been delayed by the extended Chinese New Year. However, I certainly think that HTC should offer us 'beta' users a substantial discount on the new faceplate (with or without the lighthouses & wands). @VibrantNebula
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