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  1. This has been fixed in the latest Viveport update. Unfortunately I've now lost sound ☹️
  2. Hi. Your specs are pretty low for the Cosmos Elite headset. It's probably worth leaving Task Manager running to see if the CPU or GPU are maxing out just before the issue starts. The fact that the ViveVRcompositor.exe thread remains running suggests it is getting into some sort of state - possibly as a result of CPU availability. If this doesn't seem to be an issue, you could try disabling hyperthreading (some have reported improvements by doing this). Finally I'd try generating an issue report from the VIVE Console when the issue occurs, as this will probably enable Vive support to
  3. This is really interesting. I've got a similar setup to yours, but I have absolutely no issues with Vive wireless at all (literally zero)!!! I've had this running on Cosmos Elite and std. AMD Ryzen 7 5800X ASRock X570M Pro4 Sapphire Radeon RX 6800XT 16GB Corsair Vengence RGB Pro @ 3200 MHz I don't even see any issues with the fact that the WiGig card is plugged into a PCI slot connected to the chipset (rather than a CPU bus-connected one) - which I know others have reported issues with. Try dropping the overclock on your RAM - I know that others have reported gre
  4. Looks like a fix is incoming in the next Viveport Streaming update for this issue. Hopefully not too long now!
  5. Yes I am having exactly the same issue with the pass-through camera option. I keep on accidentally launching something from the Steam VR dashboard.
  6. @Tony PH Lin - does anyone have any update on this? I've been waiting for 4 months for a fix. I currently have an Focus Plus headset that is pretty much useless at the moment.
  7. @C.T. @VibrantNebula Any idea when AMD cards will get motion compensation for the Cosmos headsets? It's been on the cards for over a year now. https://www.vive.com/us/support/cosmos-elite/category_howto/what-is-motion-compensation.html
  8. Hi - I assume you have an AMD graphics card? I reported this issue in September last year. It appears that the issue is driver-related. If you can downgrade your Radeon drivers to 20.5.1 you will find the issue is resolved. However if you have a 600p series card, you don't have this option. Given up on HTC fixing this issue. Bear in mind this is "enterprise support". As if! @VibrantNebula can you shed any light on this issue?
  9. Not sure this is the correct forum as you've posted in the Vive Focus forum. What did you download and what headset have you got?
  10. Also noticed that I am getting grey screens again fairly regularly - including some extended ones where the headset appears to restart. I've downgraded back to the public release and I don't appear to be getting any grey screens. I'll upgrade back to the beta and put in an Issue report.
  11. I'm assuming that you are on the latest GeForce drivers? HL Alyx is pretty intensive graphically even on the lowest settings - it might be that your 1080Ti is not up to the job.
  12. Hi @C.T. - just been testing this release and I've noticed that the controllers stay on even when the HMD goes into standby. I've ended up with some flat batteries as I hadn't noticed. This is with the std Cosmos and Wireless.
  13. Have you tried reseating all the cables - especially between the wireless adapter and the HMD (that one gets put under a lot of strain)? Is the Vive Console reporting that all is OK? Also it's probably worth testing a different battery pack if you have one.
  14. Sounds like a network problem. Ideally the PC needs to be connected to the router via a wired connection. The HMD connection should be on 5GHz WiFi. What is the spec of your PC? Not sure if you can connect via USB. @VibrantNebula will be able to advise. There is no way to connect via a private network unfortunately.
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