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  1. @C.T. Desktop mode look is good and is working well for me. The only issue is that I've noticed (unless I've missed it), is there is no way to right-click. Can this be added? At the moment I am going back to the Steam desktop mode if I need to right-click on something.
  2. This feature is reliant on the updated NVIDIA and AMD (beta) drivers. I'd certainly disable it for the time being as it's a very new feature.
  3. @C.T.Oooo - how exciting. Thanks for the mention!!
  4. I had exactly the same issue after upgrading to Windows 10 2004. I downgraded back to 1909 and the issue went away.
  5. Have you got the Cosmos Elite? This doesn't currently support the pass-through cameras:- https://www.vive.com/eu/support/cosmos-elite/category_howto/seeing-real-surroundings-not-supported.html
  6. @C.T. - do you have an ETA when this will be available?
  7. Hi - I had the same issue. However, I had also just upgraded to Windows 10 2004 which in my case appears to have been the culprit. I reverted back to 1909 and the headset is back to normal now.
  8. You need a well-lit room with contrasting details around the room for the headset's AI to latch onto. Sounds like you perhaps have a bare room? Putting some pictures or markers on the walls will help. Also, have you tried re-running the Room Setup again?
  9. Hi. There is no way to an external tracking sensors with the std Cosmos. You could try re-runing the Room Setup. Some users have reported modest controller tracking improvements after doing this. If you have a specific example of bad tracking in Beat Saber or HL then logging an issue report from the Vive Console will help. In the description put rd_log_request alongside details of the issue you have seen. This will send off lots of detailed logs (rd_log_request ensures it will go directly to the engineering teams).
  10. 1) As @VibrantNebula said the Rift S & Quest headsets have been out longer 2) There are far more Rift S and Quest headsets out there, so more users will initially have reported issues to Oculus. 3) Oculus has large development resources including proprietary machine learning algorithms from Facebook. As I have said before if people are posting on here about specific tracking issues and haven't logged an issue report, then they are wasting everyone's time. If you have a specific example of bad tracking, please log an issue report from the Vive Console with a description of your tracking issue and include "rd_log_request" in the description - which means the report goes straight to the engineers. I've logged several issue reports and some of the releases have addressed issues I logged.
  11. I've been a strong supporter of HTC since they released the Vive. They were the trailblazers in the VR arena, now up against the might of Facebook. It's always healthy to have competition, even in niche areas like VR. Their products have been excellent so far, the Cosmos tracking being the major exception. So I was really happy when they announced the external tracking faceplates. However, the price-point of the faceplates is pretty appalling. They are going to put a lot of Vive enthusiasts off with this. I'm starting to consider going over to the dark side 😳
  12. I don't think you appreciate how difficult it is to release a brand new VR headset with a brand new tracking system. There is absolutely no way anyone could release such a device and have it working on day one in all situations. VR tracking is incredibly complex and relies heavily on AI algorithms. Having said that I do feel that we have waited too long. We should be seeing much larger improvements than we are seeing. I find the Cosmos tracking ok in most situations, so am happy to continue to use it for the time being. If I see the external tracking faceplate on special offer I will buy this, but I like the freedom the inside-out tracking gives me.
  13. Oh ok. What are you basing this on? HTC and Valve worked in a partnership and still do. The HMD design was led by HTC, so your statement is absolutely rubbish.
  14. Hi - I'd suggest you post into the Wave SDK forum below:- https://forum.vive.com/forum/34-vive-wave-sdk/ I think this forum is normally mean for end-users! 😀
  15. That's really strange. In the UK you can still buy the Pro (direct from HTC) for £599. Not sure why it's been discontinued in the US.
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