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  1. Hi - I assume you have an AMD graphics card? I reported this issue in September last year. It appears that the issue is driver-related. If you can downgrade your Radeon drivers to 20.5.1 you will find the issue is resolved. However if you have a 600p series card, you don't have this option. Given up on HTC fixing this issue. Bear in mind this is "enterprise support". As if! @VibrantNebula can you shed any light on this issue?
  2. Not sure this is the correct forum as you've posted in the Vive Focus forum. What did you download and what headset have you got?
  3. Also noticed that I am getting grey screens again fairly regularly - including some extended ones where the headset appears to restart. I've downgraded back to the public release and I don't appear to be getting any grey screens. I'll upgrade back to the beta and put in an Issue report.
  4. I'm assuming that you are on the latest GeForce drivers? HL Alyx is pretty intensive graphically even on the lowest settings - it might be that your 1080Ti is not up to the job.
  5. Hi @C.T. - just been testing this release and I've noticed that the controllers stay on even when the HMD goes into standby. I've ended up with some flat batteries as I hadn't noticed. This is with the std Cosmos and Wireless.
  6. Have you tried reseating all the cables - especially between the wireless adapter and the HMD (that one gets put under a lot of strain)? Is the Vive Console reporting that all is OK? Also it's probably worth testing a different battery pack if you have one.
  7. Sounds like a network problem. Ideally the PC needs to be connected to the router via a wired connection. The HMD connection should be on 5GHz WiFi. What is the spec of your PC? Not sure if you can connect via USB. @VibrantNebula will be able to advise. There is no way to connect via a private network unfortunately.
  8. Skipping the headset setup is correct, but then you need to launch the apps or games from the ViveportM launcher in the Focus Plus headset itself. Before that go to the Viveport settings on your PC and click the "Check PC" button. This will test your PC hardware and start the streaming service. If you are prompted by the windows firewall to allow rrServer.exe to listen to incoming traffic then confirm this. Once you have done this, then go to the headset itself. There is a section under library called "On my PC (Beta)". If the headset is not connected then it will walk you through connecting, and then you can launch any SteamVR or Viveport PC titles directly. It will automatically start StreamVR when required. It's a pretty neat implementation.
  9. Working fine here! What's the issue you are seeing?
  10. @JustinVive Currently on one of the internal builds - 4.13.623.1
  11. @JustinVive It's not appeared on my Focus Plus. Not sure what is going on 😞
  12. Not sure why no-one has responded, but this is the user-based forum. You probably want to redirect you query to the Wave SDK forum, and the Dev support guys will help.
  13. Have you tried the latest beta? Subjectivity it appears to be much more stable & tracking is more accurate. If you have a particular tracking issue (when trying the beta) please try to replicate and submit an issue report (through the Vive Console) and then post here with the trace number and tag @C.T. Things do seem to be improving slowly!
  14. @C.T. confirmed this previously. I can't currently find the post, but I'm sure he will confirm again....
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