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  1. I think a version that is "mobile VR ready" would be good... and agree that it should be both colors ideally... I could imagine perhaps having the latch mechanism and the facemask as separate objects, that would allow it to be animated - in case developers want to make an in-vr tutorial on maintenance or a how-to of sorts.
  2. Yikes - thats rough to hear direct feedback of simulation induced motion sickness in the field. We've only had a few demos in the wild with the system at this point because of this concern... mostly internal reviews... It feels like the device has gotten better the last few updates, but if this is still causing people to feel dizzy its pretty much a no-go... and its positioning as a premium product is really tenuous. Something has to happen soon.
  3. Was able to get the plugin installed and compiled the test application - looks like its all running well at ~75fps. Will continue to stress test and move over the project from 4.18 and see how things go. Thanks for the update!
  4. Great news, pulling the latest now. Thanks team!
  5. Yep, there have been a couple threads about this in the past. Linking this new one which was prompted by your post which has more discussion. http://community.viveport.com/t5/Vive-Wave-SDK/A-fix-about-that-lens-distortion-issue-a-suggestion-for-HTC/gpm-p/21894#M942
  6. Just a short comment to say I agree - this is critical to the device. We have two at the lab, and they both have this issue - hopefully a software fix can make this better, but the abillity to bring the lenses closer with more comfortable thinner replacement gasket would be helpful for many reasons. Not only to help the lensing but also good for keeping the devices clean during demos .
  7. famous last words! Just kidding, very much looking forward to the latest!
  8. That's great to hear that the update is coming soon Tony, will this update also include some Unreal Engine updates? Best, J
  9. Interesting - is there a recomended vendor that you have tested with? Anyone have a link to one that works?
  10. I'd like to know more about this from the sdk dev team for sure... it all seems very bulky doesn't it?
  11. Just got to try it, and quick hot-take. - Looks amazing! The place is very nice, and I'd like to visit again - this is a big marker for me, whether you want to go back to an environment at all. - Sound - I might suggest tweaking the sound track a bit more bass (because the vive focus integrated audio isn't very bassy... and the sound effect of "oh no gutterball" should probably be several different statements. - Controllers - very intuitive - I might slow down the touch to move a bit more to help with sensitive people, and perhaps have a snap to teleport option to quickly select the place you want to be. The hand-presence is great! - Throwing the ball - The motion to follow ball being on by default would be a no-no for me. I might suggest that if you do keep it on by default, you only use if its is an exciting outcome - following the ball to see it in the gutter feels like insult added to injury, but if I strike and I follow the ball as a replay that might be a nice reward-thrill at the end. I had to turn off the effect to actually play it for a meaningful time... and started enjoying the actual bowling more once it was off - again I might keep it as a "delighter" when something goes really well. - Bugs - didn't get to spend too much time, but I did get a moment when I got two gutterballs for the price of one, and the audio and the visual feedback showed " gutter ball " once after the other. - Highlights - first real discoball i've seen in VR - and I really liked it! will deffinitely go back and explore the space more and see if I can use the bowling ball to smash the place up. :)
  12. It looks really great man! Im curious about the decision to move the player behind the ball. I can imagine it could be a pretty intense jarring feeling for some users sensitive to vection, but I'd love to test it out. I imagine that its quite a thrill to take the ball perspective
  13. Awesome, please do keep us posted, this is a super important feature, I'd be happy to test and provide feedback.
  14. Oh I'm so glad to hear that Dario. Thanks for the update!
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