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  1. As i already mentioned, switching off the power supply to completely cut off power from the mainboard seemed to fix it for me (maybe the latest firmware update too). Before that, the unknown device always kept coming back as soon as i powered on the Vive pro connector box.
  2. Hi, i'm on win10 pro and SteamVR beta. I already tried to reset the controllers and had some luck with one of them, showing the white LED again, but i haven't discharged them properly since then. I guess i have to wait until i have to charge them again.
  3. It maybe related to the latest firmware update of the controllers, the orange LED doesn't switch to white anymore after being charged to 100% on both of my controllers. I can leave them all night charging and the LED's always show orange.
  4. Where are you changing the audio source? Windows taskbar or SteamVR settings?
  5. Had the same problem, unknown usb device in device-manager. For another reason, i had to switch off my power supply yesterday. Now this unknown usb device is gone, Vive Pro working 100%. But Lighthouse 2.0 Basestations still not going into Standby (always on 24/7).
  6. Well, i don't recall that a technical support forum is used to tell stories. We are here trying to help each other by sharing advice and experiences. On my end the speakers are working very well within their technical specifications, considering their form factor and the supra aural design. This means they deliver as much bass as they technically/physically can. It's not the super subwoofed boom, but pretty okay for their size. Like i already stated "If not, something is wrong on your end." Change your USB ports to a free USB controller with high bandwidth, try changing the audio source (HDMI <-> Vive Pro multimedia) back and forth again. Try switching the camera on and off, that settles the issues for most people.
  7. Depends on what you refer to. Technically, audio is working very well so far. If not, something is wrong on your end.
  8. Ah yes, maybe i'll give this a shot too. I just plugged my Vive Pro in when it arrived.
  9. That's the only problem i have right now with the Vive Pro Business package, the 2.0 Lighthouses are running 24/7. Going USB 2.0 is not an option for me, my motherboard has only one USB 2.0 connector which is occupied by the watercooler. But i have plenty of USB 3.0/3.1 Gen2 controllers.
  10. Maybe it's more of a problem with Steam VR Home. I switched back to the good old dashboard a while ago...
  11. First, hold your horses. The 100% value also states that each eye is rendered at 2351x2612, this is the standard SS value and means that SS is already applied for most games (which are mostly optimized for performance). Remember, the hardware resolution of the Vive Pro is 1400 x 1600 per eye so that's about 40% of the standard setting. So more demanding games need to be set lower than 100% SS, depending on your hardware.
  12. I just wanted to pull this out of the depths of the audio quality thread. This might help to improve sound quality for the Vive Pro. Get it at thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2896509
  13. Final design uploaded to thingiverse... https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2896509
  14. That seems to be a part from the Vive Port app? Because i don't have the option, i never had Vive Port installed...
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