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  1. Great news! To get Serial Number: open a cmd and type: adb devices It will return your SN (With the Wave DK powered and USB connected of course)
  2. Good! DM sent! For the other you have to open a cmd and type: adb devices It will return your SN (With the Wave DK powered and USB connected of course)
  3. Hello Wave team, This has been reported and talked about here: https://community.viveport.com/t5/Vive-Wave-SDK/Distortion-Correction-Issue/td-p/19135 But what is happening? Why are you not fixing it? Is the issue that bad (design flaw) it can't be (software) fixed? The topic is constantly brought with other Dev. Since the SDK release in May! This is October! The device has now a super bad reputation among Dev. (I was at Oculus Connect 5 a few weeks ago) Please make this an ABSOLUTE priority!! (and give us a real ETA)
  4. Oh, I definitely want an official fix for this. I just couldn't bare it anymore. ^_^ The hack is professional :P You won't see if it has been modified if no one told you about it. The leather look a little distended, but nothing else is visible. I have 0 regret on doing this. Now we just need HTC to do something about it for sure. (I removed it as a solution, you are right)
  5. I did MOD it: Special tread here: http://community.viveport.com/t5/Vive-Wave-SDK/MODIFICATION-Lens-distortion-issue-A-thiner-foam-mod-I-did-it-so/gpm-p/22092
  6. Hello everyone, Following this thread: http://community.viveport.com/t5/Vive-Wave-SDK/A-fix-about-that-lens-distortion-issue-a-suggestion-for-HTC/gpm-p/21894#M942 I went ahead and modified the existing leather foam to have it much thiner. It's very doable, safe and reversible if you are somewhat careful, no need to surgeon skills there. The pic will speak for themselves: Enjoy! NB: -I am very satisfied with this "invisible" mod -I did it in a way so it was reversible, you could glue things instead of using velcro and mesh tape like I did. NB2: Things to care about: -if
  7. Hello HTC team, Could you provide a detailed (enough) 3D model of the Focus? (to use, in my case in UE4) If it's a too much detailled "CAD" model it's fine too, I will make a lighter version myself using yours as base. There is a Controller and "link" model but not the HMD. Fbx or obj file, maybe with the textures too... (this I could do myself) Unreal "format" would work too. Thank you!
  8. Hello HTC team, hello Tony. So about the lens still ongoing distortion issue (there is another post about the details of it) I would like to offer a fix and suggestion for HTC: Provide us with a much thiner "Leather foam" Pressing your face toward the lense nearly make the issue goes away as the issue is about the lens borders and the eyes distance from them. It's not practical as you have to hyper tighten and you can break the mechanism AND especially make the device very uncomfortable You (HTC) doesn't seems to be able to fix this/find a solution, it's been way too long.
  9. I don't want to kill the excitement, but lagging 2 version behing is not good. I actually skipped 4.19 and went to 4.20.1 directly. Wishes for 4.20... (released July 16th!)
  10. Oh I am sure, I answered all this because i took it like a survey for dev. ("what feature you need/use in 4.19", so they can focus on these first)
  11. So many improvement, mostly for optimisations and performances. https://forums.unrealengine.com/unreal-engine/announcements-and-releases/1442375-unreal-engine-4-19-released It would be interesting to see what you guys can do with: -Temporal Upsampling -Dynamic Resolution Proxy LOD system should give a performance boost also. As there is Vive Pro native support from 4.19 it's also a mendatory update for anything VR UE4 staff is doing such a great job at every update.
  12. Mmm.... Can you post a screen with the command: stat Unit (Blue print command and "stat Unit" inside, at event begin play) This is the default scene, you haven't done anything special? will be able to properly help you, as I don't do code. But this is indeed strange!
  13. Hello there, I have no idea of you level with UE4 , VR and mobile projects, so I may say thing redundant to you. Starting with mobile: You have to start a Mobile project and not convert an existing desktop one. Some optimisations have been made for this project at start, so if you can: start fresh. Don't use Anti Alias x8 but limit it to x2 first. Everything post process is very costly. (DOF, Bloom, etc...) So be careful with those. The main issue is always Draw calls on mobile... I do not know how you get 30-40fps with a single cube, I definitely don't, far from it. I
  14. Thank you, I am doing 3 project at the same time... so I forgot about those steps. It would be cool to have this mentioned in the SDK page: https://developer.vive.com/resources/knowledgebase/wave-sdk/ As it's been a while I forgot to hunt inside for the documentation steps... A read me, or a "start here document" would help avoid non dev like me being confused ^_^
  15. Hello ! So: -Using Mint UE4 4.18.3 (from Epic launcher) -Running the SDK project itself (WaveSDK-UnrealPlugin-beta2) -Left clicking on "plugin.uproject" and "generate VS studio project file" This doesn't generate anything. Then Launching the project: Wave Plugin is enabled. No error on loading the project. Then: "launch on Vive" Compiling... LogPlayLevel: Completed Launch On Stage: Cooking in the editor, Time: 592.194326LogPlayLevel: Running AutomationTool...LogPlayLevel: Parsing command line: -ScriptsForProject=D:/UnrealEngine4/Project/WaveSDK-UnrealPlugin-beta2_Mint/plu
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