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  1. Oh, now that doesn't sound good (pun not intended). I feel these headphones have a wider sound stage than the DAS set. I wonder if that's part of the trouble. They are less heavy bass, but a larger sound stage and very precise sounds. I also notice you need to get them right over your ears and siting flat against them. They sound very high end to me, but less bass than DAS.
  2. I don't think there is anything else you can do with software to address that. Since you have gone through this thread, you may have guessed that the bass/volume may be an egineering flaw. The pressure of the earcups on your ears may not be sufficient. What I and others have done is get some addon clamp/springs installed, designed by . You can download the 3d printable design. See here. If you need someone to print it, go to 3dhubs.com and submit the design there. I got mine printed there for less than $13, shipped. It solved the issue for me, confirming that this is a hardware design flaw. Hope it helps.
  3. So , did you try what recommended in his post? AND when adjusting what he asked you to adjust, can you describe what that did exactly? Also, could you respond to his other questions? Without clear/accurate answers to those questions, and about adjusting the eye releif as he pointed out doing, it will be very difficult to continue helping.
  4. Wow, you've become the unwilling poster boy of bad service. So sorry you are dealing with this level of bad service. Frankly, this is on the edge of consumer protection services stepping in. Really, you had a faulty product, sent it in, and it was returned damaged. That alone should warrant a special case response. After all this back and forth, if I was in charge, I'd see if you would be interested in a brand new Vive Pro as a gesture. Rest assured, there are customers, current and future, reading about your experiences on social media and places like Reddit.
  5. I recommend wearing a sweat band like this one. http://a.co/d/9UQxT6x I try to remember to put it on, especially if I'm going to play Beatsaber or something else active like that. And if you are a particularily heavy sweater, or just in general, remember to not let the headset hang down (pointing downward) in between sessions or even temporarily as that would allow any moisture collected to enter the internals more easily. Tilt it where the lenses are facing down or angled downward instead.
  6. Be sure to read your MB manual about that too. Sometimes the 16x slots share bandwidth. So when there are two devices in the 16x slots, BOTH run at 8x each. This may affect your video card performance, assuming it is your GPU in the other 16x slot. Just something to consider.
  7. I saw your thread on Reddit about this. You should get a totally new headset, because if yours was botched so badly, who knows what else is wrong with it now. I get how frustrating it is to have sent your Vive in, wrapped to protect it, and then get it back ravaged by a really exceptionally bad repair (including scratches to the lenses!, stripped screws, cracked HDMI port - and who knows if anything else was damaged). When you said it was the same serial number, I was shocked. HTC's repair center simply did you wrong. I hope you get this resolved 100%.
  8. In continuation of the distorted audio issue for the displayport, onboard Vive audio device, I recently came across a tip on reddit that actually solved this issue in a satisfactory way. I no longer need to rely on the Nvidia audio device, nor have to deal with its shortcomings (the fact the Nvidia device is constantly disappearing, for example). Now I am able to use the DP "Vive Pro Mutimedia" device without any corruption or distortion. Here is a link to the reddit thread. Please also see my comment on that thread for further tips. Maybe it will help you.
  9. I'm about to add this to the other thread on this forum regarding this issue, but I followed tips posted here on reddit recently and it helped! See my comment in the same reddit thread for additional tips.
  10. DO buy into the reflection comments, because that is definitely another factor. It is one I can easily reproduce and adjust for. It is so odd to say otherwise, and I just don't get why you would say that . edit: And if you need actual proof of that. Here is a response from Alan Yates, the engineer of the lighthouse tech and base station design at Valve. He is vk2zay on Reddit. In his response to a tracking issue, his opinion was that it looked like a "reflection problem." It is one of the first issues I solved in my own space and solve each time I relocate for demos. If either one of your base stations are in line of sight with a reflective surface, there is more chance for issues. Doubly so when the reflective surface is in the general direction of the other base station. The base stations are forgiving of some reflections, but it will vary like all things, depending upon the location of those reflective surfaces in the space. In the first few months of owning my first Vive system, I had issues with loss of tracking, but especially with controllers flying out of the play area. Sometimes the headset would loose tracking and that would be the worst. After solving the reflection issue, I never have issues with that any longer. However, you may be having multiple issues. Your chaperone space shouldn't be skewing like that unless your base stations are moving or have been moved (even slightly). I don't believe reflections would produce that issue. Reflections would affect tracking. It is important that your base stations are high up, ideally over your head, and pointing down about 30 to 45 degrees (no more). If the chaperone space shifted while you had them on the wall, it's possible that they were not screwed down enough too. Also about 16 feet is the max distance between the bases. Do use the link cable, like recommended. Each base has about 120 degree field of view so make sure they see each other and nothing is in the way. Tripods may be unstable and are easy to get jostled. If you have a dog or cat, for example, all it takes is a little nudge. I use these poles to mount my base stations and they have worked well the last few years. Plus, it makes it easy to transport and they provide a very stable surface. Along with those, however, I attach the bases to them using these clamps. Tripods can work, but there are more factors to look out for. (weight, sway, jostling, vibrations, for example)
  11. , is your grainy picture like the one posted in this thread? If so, see for possible solutions (cables) Blue Dots (Noise) on Vive HMD
  12. Yep, and , easily reproducable on my end every time I use the Vive Pro. Usually the displayport version of the audio is there (but with the notorious crackling audio) and the Nvidia version of the Pro audio is only there sometimes. I usually have to reboot the headset a couple times, or power down the linkbox, wait 30 sec, and power it back up. Since I can't use the displayport "Mutimedia" vive pro audio output without crackling audio, I have to fish around until I get the Nvidia one to show and resort to using that. I say resort, because it is just a workaround and not a solution. My understanding is that the Displayport/HDMI output is the one you would want to actually use for technical reasons (for full spacial audio?) - but cannot - because it's distorted with the crackling.
  13. And have you owned the Vive long? Just in case you are talking about the "screen door effect", which is not something you can correct. Assuming it worked correctly in the past, is that right? Edited: Nevermind, I see you have had it a while. Bad cabling or interferrance has been the most common cause of such issues in my experience. As stated, GPU could be another source. Have you made any extentions to your HDMI/Displayport wires from your PC to the linkbox or from the linkbox to the HMD?
  14. The 3rd system? It would be the same as the 1st and 2nd system. It would all depend on what you are trying to do and the space. All the rules have been outlined above. Maybe you could start by posting a drawing with details as that would help.
  15. , just wondering - Does it say Vive Pro "Multimedia" or actually Vive Pro "Mutimedia", with the missing L? Just curious as that has been like that a while for me. I assumed it was the same for everyone, but I would be curious to find it was correct in your setup. I don't think this issue has been automatically fixed for others as you mentioned in your original post. I think people have just been working around it and dealing with the issue. Some just consider it fixed even though all they have done is stop using their displayport "Mutimedia" device and are instead using the audio supplied by their graphics card. I have no idea whether or not HTC is actually working on a solution or are letting it go, but I have found that some people sadly just overlook it now. You too will probably arrive at some workaround for this, which is a shame.
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