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  1. Hi JacquiwithaQ, Since the chaperone is an overlay program and not a scene program, user need to turn "Virtual Reality Supported" off and ensure it would not be turned on by SteamVR.
  2. It should not be black, did you check those threads? http://community.viveport.com/t5/Vive-SRWorks-SDK/Black-Screen-with-SRWorks/m-p/20542 http://community.viveport.com/t5/Vive-SRWorks-SDK/Vive-SRWork-Demo-cannot-get-camera-view/m-p/18662#M121 if the issue still exist, please patse the information of SRWork.log.
  3. Hi PabloLiborra, does your prebuilt exe like Vive-SRWorks-\Unity\Experience\Build\Vive SRWorks Demo.exe work normally? if yes, after pressing 'q' and 'w' in C\sample-vs2015 sample project, it should show the wireframe of reconstructed objects.
  4. Was the color correct in sample.level? If red area looks like blue and blue area looks like red, please convert RGB to BGR by "Material Expression Custom" in your material. attached shows how undistortedMaterialLeft works.
  5. which version of your steamvr? please use non-beta steamvr currently.
  6. please check line 21 of My_UE_RealsensePlugin-master\Source\RealSensePlugin\Private\RealSenseModule.cpp. your function will be called when loading module and change camera settings.
  7. Are intrinsic and extrinsic parameters what you actually want?
  8. for practical and detailed usage, please check the line 111 and lines 240-256 in Vive-SRWorks-\C\sample-vs2015\main.cpp
  9. your assumption is correct. int ViveSR_GetPointer(int key, int type, void **ptr); [out] error code. please refer the SR_Error in ViveSR_Enums.h [in] key: the input value of callback function. [in] type: the data mask enum. please refer module's DataMask in ViveSR_Enums.h [in, out] ptr: function will change this pointer to point at correct data address according to key and type. at first, register function to listen what modules you are interested. ViveSR_RegisterCallback(ID_SEETHROUGH, ViveSR:: SeeThrough:: Callback:: BASIC, GetDistortedCallback); then, declare the function like below to get the data. void GetDistortedCallback(int key) { char *ptr_l; ViveSR_GetPointer(key, ViveSR:: SeeThrough:: DataMask:: DISTORTED_FRAME_LEFT, (void**)&ptr_l); cv:: Mat imgLeft = cv:: Mat(DISTORTED_IMAGE_H, DISTORTED_IMAGE_W, CV_8UC4, ptr_l).clone(); } for practical and detailed usage, please check the line 111 and lines 240-256.
  10. If you use the experience project, you need to put another dll Plugins/RuntimeMeshLoader/Binaries/Win/assimp-vc140-mt.dll next to exe file.
  11. according to detailed information, you need to move dlls except ViveSR_API.dll from "WindowsNoEditor/ProjectName/Plugins/SRWorks/Binaries/Win64" to "WindowsNoEditor/ProjectName/Binaries/Win64" after "package project" > "windows(64-bit)". attached picture may help you.
  12. Hi pablocael, 1) yes, set TargetEye of camera None 2) yes, the easier way is to let camera be a child and control the transform of its parent.
  13. Hi KRNOS, SRWorks- works well in UE4.18.3 for me, can you try the steps decripted in the attached file. If you encounter the same problem, please tell me how to reproduce it.
  14. Hi pablocael, please try calling GetRecommendedRenderTarget(ref uint pnWidth, ref uint pnHeight) of openvr.cs
  15. Hi pablocael, The user cannot change the field of view during runtime, because this behaviour is known to induce motion sickness. from Unity document VR overview. from my opinion, there are 3 ways to do what you want. 1. create another camera which FOV was set and attached "Target Texture". put a quad showing that texture in front of main camera. 2. use post rendering. 3. disable VR setting and create your own vr system.
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