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  1. Hello! We develop our app on Vive Focus and we need to pass through videostream from Focus cameras to user in headset, so we start to dig in "CameraTexture_Test" example from SDK (SDK version 2.10) If we try to start app without any modifications we get "Not enough permissions " output in UI but if we add manual camera stert with WaveVR_PermissionManager.instance.requestPermissions(new string[] { "android.permission.CAMERA" }, requestCompleteCallback); we seems to get permissions but when we tried to start camera - app crashs/ Unity version 2017.3.1f1 Headset update 4.0 (rom 1.5.1405.1) please help!
  2. is there any news on FW update for eliminate controller drift? We own two Vive Focus and controller drift on both units drive me crazy (drift is VERY intense)
  3. It would be nice if HTC include both textures (blue and white) in package :cathappy:
  4. That would be nice, since we plan to use Vive Focus model in our multiplayer application
  5. https://ru.aliexpress.com/store/product/Free-Shipping-Yehua-G4-Wireless-WiFi-Display-TV-stick-Mirascreen-Dongle-Miracast-by-Google-home-for/2668075_32882145744.html Finally this one works It allows us to record stream from headset via our Avermedia Recorder just fine In my start topic i slighly misguide: any chromecast dongle will not work with VIVE, but apparently any Miracast device will do fine
  6. Hello! we got our chromecast Ultra (latest 4k miracast device from google) and found ourselves unable to cast VR screen through it (( Vive wave detect our samsung miracast-enabled smart tv in available for cast devices list and it detects chromecast 1, but not this fine Chromecast Ultra What can we do to fix this?
  7. Hello! I set up my stock version of Vive Focus and seems that i stuck in chineese store (where i can find 52 apps in total, mostly in chineese language) Is there a way to switch to another country store (where i can find more apps) or there is no other local store at the moment? I tried to go to www.focus.viveport.com on my computer to setup my account but there is no such page (404) Sorry for dumb questions but can you please help me out?
  8. we bought releas kit (not dev) and build quality and packaging — okay Buuuuuuut..... the trigger button on controller was stuck when i press it and noticebly clicks. That bother me alot, so disassembled controller and applied WD40 on moving parts. Now i'm good So, yeah there is a issues in build quality Hope they fix it in later revisions
  9. AlexNZ

    SN of HMD

    Sweet! for my purposes that will be enough! Thank you
  10. AlexNZ

    SN of HMD

    For instance, if i need to collect app usage statisics (i.e. how many DIFFERENT users use my app) i need to anonimously identify different users and their sessions for statistics to be accurate Such ststisitics is vial in promo projects when you need to show your client how many unique users used particular scenario
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