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  1. We use TextMeshPro to create debug objects within a scene and use that to display error logs within the headset. @chengnay
  2. Is there a way to check the version of the Wave SDK currently being used in the project? The method in the documentation does not work when used within Unity.
  3. I have read over the documentation prior to this post and it appears that the Trackpad is not given an input to pair with. None of the arrows point to it, at the very least.
  4. Hello! We're getting some of our existing content ready for the Cosmos controllers. We do not currently have one in-house, however, so we do not know which inputs translate to which buttons on the new controllers. What does the original Vive controller's Touchpad translate to on the Cosmos? Thanks!
  5. Hi Thank you for the help! I replaced the files in the project with files from the Patches zipped file. Unity editor works as intended now. Looking forward to the next major release.
  6. Using the latest Wave SDK (v3.0.2) and Unity 2018.2.2, any of the Focus applications do not work in the play mode. Upon hitting the play button, there is a continuous stream of command line windows which pop up and close down until play mode can be exited (using the Ctrl + P keyboard shortcut). Has anyone faced this issue before? Are there any fixes for the same? The play mode is essential for taking "in-game" screen captures for store uploads and other purposes, so if there's a utility for the same, it would be appreciated as well. Thank you.
  7. Any new updates on this thread? With the new 6 DoF controllers and Wave SDK updates, we wanted to see if the VRTK works with the Focus.
  8. Hi, We're trying to add a speech recognition capability to our existing VR apps. However since Focus does not support Google services, the Google Speech to Text API isn't proving to be helpful. Are there any other methods/plug-ins that can add speech to text to Vive Focus? We have also looked at Watson for Unity, and it works well on the standard Vive headset not the Focus. Any leads on this are appreciated. Thank you!
  9. Greetings! We are looking to create VR content that utilizes a VR Backpack setup and a free-roam play area. The area is over 30 feet in length! A very cool prospect, indeed, we think. However, SteamVR's room setup application still only allows users to calibrate a maximum play area of 4x4 meters. While, yes, the chaparone bounds can be calibrated to this huge space, the square Play Area is still restricted to this small size. This does not seem like an issue, but as developers it creates some unforutnate restrictions for us. We wish to automatically generate walls and objects based on the size of the space, but, within Unity at least, we can only obtain the dimensions of the Play Area, not the actual boundaries. I know that these are the Vive forums and this is strictly a SteamVR issue, but I just thought I'd pass this issue along. It should be a simple update to allow users to set a larger play area, correct? Thanks!
  10. Hi, I have existing projects which work perfectly on the Vive (the original) but is crashing when ported the same to the Focus. The project contains a platform rig (based on Unity XR settings) that is used to handle locomotion, interaction etc. When the app is launched through the library it shows the "Vive Focus" logo, goes to the loading bar and then crashes right back to the desktop. Is there a way to use Unity XR along with Wave SDK ? (Currently using Unity 2018) Thank you.
  11. Hello! Our team wishes to set up a roaming VR space of 1000 square feet, utilizing the Vive Pro's increased range capabilities. It has been advertised that the Pro can support more than 2 base stations in order to increase range and stability. As a test, we set up 4, 2.0 base stations at each corner of a reasonably-sized space, larger than the typical Vive play-area, but much smaller than our target size. We then attempted to run setup. SteamVR refused to play nicely with more than 2 base stations, nor with the increased play area, insisting that the base stations were too far from one another. SteamVR also struggled to accept 4, or even 3 base stations at once. SteamVR would consistently lose tracking and appear to fly off into space when inside the headset. Does there yet exist documentation for setting up a large, free-roam play area using the Vive Pro and the 2.0 base stations?
  12. I'm developing apps for the Vive Focus using Unity 2017.3.1, and looking for a way to see changes in play mode. Right now, even for minor changes, I have to build an APK, load to the Focus and play to view them. Is there a way to see these changes in editor, without building an APK? (similar to how it would be done in the Vive itself.)
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