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  1. Thank you David for your response but that didn't work for me. The white light in the controller still doesn't blink and the HMD doesn't detect it. That is keeping me stucked in the first step of the configuration of the headset. It seems to me that it might be a firmware problem in the controller and, if that is the case, since there is no usb connector I guess that the only way to fix it is sending it back to the factory. :smileysad:
  2. Hello everyone, I've just received one Vive Focus HMD and I can not pair the controller with the headset. The LED indicator in the controller is permanently lit in white and the HMD does not detect it. The english manual says that this light indicates the controller's firmware is beeing updated but this is the only state I've seen since I placed the batteries inside the controller. Does anyone know how to reboot the controller to its original state or this is something that can only be fixed replacing the controller?
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