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    Please help me someone - nothing which I've downloaded from viveport works in VR mode, it instead loads two-dimensionally in windows desktop. I've done everything troubleshooting-wise which I have found scouring the internet regarding this.


    So far I've tried resetting USB drivers and of course reinstalling them, I've tried disconnecting PC side cables from linkbox (and would see drivers installing upon reconnecting...sometimes), I've tried logging in/out of everything, tried reinstalling viveport, checked to see if updated gpu drivers and stuff (they are), and also my htc and steam library is synced.  I've also tried loading viveport and vivehome with and without steam running in background (also as and as not administrator).


    Also, nothing which I've downloaded from viveport shows up in my steam library. I have manually adding them but it still doesn't load it in VR mode. However, all of my steam games run smoothly.


    Hi, Neutral!


    Sorry to hear that you are having trouble. We would need even more details to provide relevant in-depth troubleshooting. Please contact support for this. See this post for FAQ's and link to support.

  2. We’re just as eager to see your experiences as you are, so we’d like to help. We’ve recently released three Unity plug-ins designed to speed up and enrich the Vive development process. They’re all free and downloadable from the Unity Asset Store:


    Vive Input Utility 1.4.7

    Download: http://u3d.as/uF7


    This plug-in is a sophisticated input wrapper that:

    • Makes it easy to get button and event tracking data from Vive devices
    • Takes advantage of the Unity Event System for laser pointers while adding a custom stabilization and damping effect
    • Eliminates the need to write redundant code to manage Vive devices
    • Provides the ability to interact with UGUI using laser pointers


    MediaDecoder 1.0.1

    Download: http://u3d.as/usf


    The MediaDecoder is a high performance video player decoding plugin that:


    • Makes it easy to create a VR video player
    • Supports playing 2D, S3D, 360 and 360-degree stereo video
    • Performance optimizations can enable 8K video decoding above 90 FPS
    • Uses FFmpeg 3.0.1 library
    • Works with many implementations, not just Vive-specific ones
    • Free to use

    Vive Stereo Rendering Toolkit 1.0.0

    Download: http://u3d.as/A4F


    Use the Vive Stereo Rendering Toolkit to:


    • Create parallax effects for mirrors, portals, security cameras or other items that would otherwise appear flat in VR
    • Drag-and-drop components to create stereoscopic rendering effects in a few minutes
    • Achieve more immersive VR experiences

    Have fun!


The Vive Team 

  3. Vive software will make sure that you have the most up-to-date version. However, if you are experiencing VR at the time the update is available, it will not interrupt you and install the update. Instead, it will pop up a notification message asking you if you would like to get the update when you are done with VR experience.


    To always have the most up-to-date Vive software could prevent you from having the unexpected problem caused by the incompatible driver or Windows update.

  4. There are multiple ways to make a review on the content.

    1. Sign in to HTC Account on https://contentstore.htcvive.com/ and go to My Apps. Find the content that you would like to provide the feedback with and tap Review to start.
    2. Launch Vive software in your computer and visit My Content tab in your Library. Tap on the content you would like to provide the feedback with and go to the review section to proceed.

  5. Viveport doesn’t have the right to decide how many computers can access the content at the same time. Developer / publisher may set the rule during the submission.


    If the content is set to have only one computer accessing the same content using the same HTC Account, the previous signed-in HTC Account user would be prompted with instruction to sign out from the game if a later signed-in HTC Account user is detected at the same time.

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