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  1. @jagibson Hi. Actually I was referring to when @VibrantNebula said "We sell replacement nose guards with pre-filled adhesive strips which is the "safest" and lowest risk option"..... Do you not actually sell these? The only option I was given via a support ticket was to pay $190 for an RMA to fix the headset.
  2. Unlike the OG Vive, the Vive PRO nose rest is held in by glue, which has become loose on mine. I don't want to risk using crazy glue because the vapor might fog the lenses. Has anyone else with a Vive Pro found a work-around, fix or alternative?
  3. This is a super interesting post on reddit. The user has 2 identical machines. One works with wireless, and the other doesn't. HTC should either indicate that they have exhaused all troubleshooting and are confident there products works as expected, or they should be reaching out to people with experiences like this to figure out what the issue is. https://www.reddit.com/r/Vive/comments/akxiw8/vive_wireless_lagg_on_one_setup_but_not_the_other/
  4. i've been trying to get my Vive Pro working for months with Wireless with no luck, so last week I realized the onoe thing I didn't try was removing my M.2 drive. So I bought an SSD, took out the M.2 drive, Did yet another clean install of Windows and the Vive software, and my Intel i7 8700K, Z370 Mobo, GTX 1080Ti PC still was just as jittery as ever in wireless. So back again to wired I go.
  5. As someone wth a high end PC and a Vive Pro that is unusable with Vive Wireless due to jitter, I would appreciate it if Vive Support could at least give some examples of PC configs that we’re used for testing at Vive that are known to be good. At least that would help some of us determine what the cause might be. Vive Pro Clean Windows 10 Install MSI Carbon AC Z370 Intel i7 8700 GTX 1080Ti Corsair 3200 MHZ Ram
  6. I just tried again. I had disconnected my wireless adpater over a month ago waiting for a solution to the performance issues. With visitors here over the Chrstmas holiday, I decided to update everything and try one more time. Same thing is wrong. Vive PRO. Intel i7 8th Gen, GTX 1080Ti, MSI Z370 Carbon AC MotherBoard, 3200 MHZ Corsair RAM, v3 PCI slots on. Fresh Windows Install. PC is strictly setup for VR. Wireless performance is still very jittery. Ruins the whole purpose of having a Vive Pro Vive should indicate what's going on. Is the issue considered resolved at this point? (so I c
  7. Installed the update.....while it seems it might have improved things a bit...sadly it is still not right for me. I can play on my Vive Pro wired for hours, but still with wireless, things feel weird quickly. And I still notice judder, maybe not as much, but it’s still quite visible. I was led to believe the only downside with wireless would be occasional reduced resolution. There is a lot more than that going on. And they should have some way to submit debug info to them. z370 MSI Mobo, i7 8700, 1080Ti, 16Gb ram. Fresh Win 10 Install
  8. Well, here is an article from TomsHardware via reddit that explains that the problem most likely isn't your PC, it is the Vive Wireless Adapter itself. https://www.reddit.com/r/Vive/comments/9tnsty/toms_hardware_wireless_adapter_review_the_pc/ Vive should say something like "We are aware of the problem, and we will report back with an update on our progress by xx/xx/xxxx"
  9. I have a Vive Pro, a Z370 MSI Motherboard, a 6 core i7 8700, a 1080Ti Card, an M.2 Samsung SSD, and 16GB of 3200 MHZ Ram. And I have horrible judder and tearing with the Wireless Adapter I took everything else out of my computer except the vive card and the graphics card. I fresh installed Windows and the Vive software. I changed to Gen 3 in the BIOS. I tried different Wigig Channels. I switched to multiple PCI slots. I mounted the antenna in different locations including up on the ceiling. I removed every other wireless device in my room. But I still have judder and tearing with the Wirel
  10. Hey I downloaded the latest Steam Beta (dated April 19) and depsite restarting everything several times my Pro headset does't see a new firmware update.... It just says "Up to Date". I assume it didn't update automatically? How can I tell if I have the "latest" firmware?
  11. Same here. Audio quality is slightly improved but still no where as good as it should be. Can someone at HTC indicate whether they plan on fixing this further because if they are not able to fix it further I need to return the headset. I have the old Vive with the DAS and that sounds great. I also have a PSVR with a similar 3rd party over the ear add on and that is also great. The Vive Pro audio pales in comparison.
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