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  1. Hi, The new update for the Wireless Adapter (update 1.20191127.1) on my OG Vive has caused the Wireless App to completely crash. After that my PC wouldnt start up normally no more. The experience was very unpleasant to me... I had to use Windows System Restore to restore to before the update to get my PC to start again. Now of course I'm not installing that update no more and everything seems to be working fine again as it did before. Anyone else experienced problems with it? @VibrantNebula @jagibson
  2. Nevermind, all is done I have absolutely no heat problems. Thanks again.
  3. Hey sorry laprid0, but I cant help but ask, no need to respond if you dont feel like 🙂 So you have OG Vive with Deluxe Audio strap as well but you dont have overheating problems on your head? Do you have the thicker 3rd party VR-cover? Did you do anything at all against the heat?
  4. Thank you, but they dont sell that in my tiny little country. But as I understand the Anker one fits perfectly in the HTV-batteryholder and should work well. Expecting my package anytime now, tomorrow istall and try everything! Hoping everything goes well for me too bud, I would really love wireless and I hate the hassle of returning stuff like this. But I'm also the type that wont jump through too many hoops if the device turns out to be uncomfortable. Cross fingers! 🙄🤞
  5. Oh yes. I'm ordering 2 Anker 20000 QC 3.0 as well! Playing just 3 hours is not for me! 👍
  6. Aw thank you so much for this quick reply man! (or woman lol) "wireless is pretty awesome...enjoy!" My only real worry is if the adapter gets too hot on my head like people say since I use OG Vive with audio deluxe strap (I play for many hours), apart from that I bet it is!! 😁
  7. Hi, I want to buy the Wireless Adapter today for my OG Vive, but I have a question. I'm thinking if I use the Wireless Adapter I will not use the linkbox no more right? But does that mean that when gaming in VR I will not have the mirror -screen on my regular monitor no more? I'm worried about that, because when playing together with someone it makes it fun to be able to follow what the player is doing on the PC monitor... Can someone please comfort me about this?
  8. Same problem Shoe, nothing heard yet. I don't think I'm going to take the risk with this expensive thing.
  9. Thanks for that email adress. Why didn't they pm me for it I wonder..? Whatever.
  10. Yeah sounds like the same kind of problem. And yes, I'm one of those that never had NO problems getting motion sick, I just don't. But playing like this with a constant unstableness even I get a little nausia at some point. Whats more, my favorite game is a golf game. I can get it to preform reasonable on Vive Pro, but then I have to lower quality so far untill it actually looks FAR worse then on my old Vive! So on my old Vive I could play that same game very stable and far better looking! And I have a 1080TI with i7, thats just rediculous. I'll be so sorry to have to return the Pro because overall I really like the machine!! Btw, has any of you recieved a pm for where to send your system reports? I want to try help to solve this. Or has Vive already given up?
  11. Thanks to everyone for all your help and suggestions! I've tried about all of them with little succes... I even got grey screens at some point, which I didn't have before. But turning off Power Managentment in SteamVR settings seems to have fixed that up till now! But then still the same, SteamVR Home is all over the place. I have a feeling in game things got a little more stable. But it's still NOT ok. Looking around can seem to 'twist' a little, or sometimes freeze a second. And moving the wands around keeps stuttering, not extremely severe, but consistantly. And I tried just about everything im this post and more multiple times. I will keep reading, trying, waiting a while longer since I still have some time to return it. I thought we would get a pm on where to send our system reports? Again, thanx for efforts so far everyone
  12. I'm afraid I'm going to return mine, I have 2 weeks left to do so. I have similar problems. I don't get grey screen, but when I step into Steam VR Home it is all over the place, turning and twisting as I look around, the wands flying around. In game it is not that bad but it's not good. Looking around feels weird and unstable and often jittering. And moving the wands/hands is stuttering. Same like everyone else my old original Vive works rock solid. I tried everything too: different nvidia drivers, different settings, turning down quality settings, turning off overclock and more, all with no result. I'm not going to take the risk in keeping such an expensive machine if it's glitchy like that. Shame, because I did like how it looked and feeled (in VR). For the heck of it here's my machine: Windows 10 professional 64-bit Gigabyte motherboard B85M-DS3H-A Intel i7 4790K MSI Gaming X 1080ti I think I did see a lot of 1080ti's in these posts!
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