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  1. Hi , Thanks for the reply, but I didn't understand when the update will be released (10/E?). Please let me know.
  2. Hello guys, It's been a month and half since last update which supports 2018.1. Is there an ETA to support 2018.2? I need to get it on 2018.2 as that's the only issue for me before getting into production. I need to use a couple of features that 2018.2 provides. Please let me know.
  3. Hi Tony, We are still waiting for the update that will allow us to recentre the user at runtime. It is the only thing that is stopping us from going into production phase as the teleportation is critical to the functionality of our app. Currently if you move physically, there is an offset to the head which we can not reset in the code. In the meanwhile if you have any solution/workaround to this, please let me know. This has been really frustrating for us. Best, Rohan
  4. Hi Tony, When can we expect to get access to the api? I do not currently have a developer ROM, so I will be only able to get it when it comes to consumer ROM.
  5. Hi, I am trying to implement a teleportation solution for vive focus in Unity. We develop ArchViz application and not everywhere we have abundant space to roam around. So to make it work in a small space, we needed to implement a teleport system just like in VIVE. Now the issue I am facing is the offset we get in head position/rotation if we walk physically. Is there a way to reset the head position from code at runtime? I am able to move the entire WaveVR prefab instance, but can't reset the head pose. I tried setting it in DevicePoseTracker script, but it is getting overridden the very next frame. Please let me know how this can be done. I can see the demos on viveport such as the museum and the winter archviz who have implemented the reset mechanism, so I know it is possible, just can't figure out how. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  6. At this moment, we are focusing on getting the antialiasing and the colour grading (PP Stack 2 gets me the results I shared at the start of this thread) working with Vive Focus. We work on ArchViz projects using photogrammatery / full 3D / hybrid assets. You mentioned I should use a single pass PP. Do you have any example scripts that I can look at, to achieve AA and color grading on VIVE Focus? I will let you know our performance in terms of frame rate without and with PP stack.
  7. The single pass stereo rendering option in Unity is under XR settings. Wave SDK mentions that we should disable the VR Supported checkbox. Can you let me know how it is possible to use Single pass rendering with Wave SDK? I am having a lot of performance issues with multi-pass rendering.
  8. Hi, I am trying to use the post processing stack v2 in Unity for HTC Vive Focus. When I add the Post Process Layer component on the cameras and build, I am getting a blown up sort of fish eye lensing effect as shown below : Both screenshots are taken from default camera positions. Please advise on how I can tackle this issue.
  9. Hi, I just checked on my Vive Focus, but it says there are no updates for my device. Current ROM is 1.08.1405.1. Is there something I am missing?
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