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  1. @JerOhm, It's most likely just how Unity's binaryreader and -writer work in different machines or operation systems. Since the calibration tool is an old feature and will be removed in later versions, I suggest these two steps: (1) Remove the .bin file, and (2) In ViveSR_DualCameraCalibrationTool.cs, slash out line 159 like this: //SaveParamValue(relative_angle, absolute_angle); The .bin file will then not be saved or loaded. It's not used anyway.
  2. @JerOhm, Would you be so kind as to open the .bin file in Notepad and share the string in it with us? Thank you!
  3. Hi @JerOhm, In SRWorks v0.9.3.0, we changed the format of this file: C:\Users\(USER NAME)\AppData\LocalLow\HTC Corporation\SR_Config\calibration_params.bin. You may have an old .bin file, and therefore the old format, from an old version of SRWorks. Kindly delete the file. SRWorks will regenerate it in the format that can be correctly parsed.
  4. Hi Jazz, Try deleting these folders in the Assets folder: (1) SteamVR_Input (2) SteamVR_Resources (3) StreamingAssets Go back to Unity Editor and this window should pop up: Click on "Accept". This window is for setting SRWorks Demo's input.
  5. Hi @stevewheeler1, In 0.9.3, the mesh files are saved in this path: C:/Users/(UserName)/AppData/LocalLow/(CompanyName)/SR_Reconstruction_Output/Recons3DAsset/
  6. Hi @PlushVive, The latest version of the Experience Demo (v0.8.0.2) works with SteamVR Unity Plugin 1.2.3 (https://github.com/ValveSoftware/steamvr_unity_plugin/releases/tag/1.2.3). thanks! Renee
  7. Hi @njs528, In Unity 2019, though the Accept button doesn't work, it does properly set the layer names. However, a function of the window is indeed bugged in Unity 2019–enabling VRSetting. Try enabling it manually. In Player Settings/XRSettings, check Virtual Reality Supported. Cheers, Renee
  8. Hi @okocha1337, Is there a specific effect you would like to achieve? In general, you can look into Sample2 in the Demo project and the script ViveSR_Experience_DepthControl.cs. To change the the look of depth image, you can modify the shader script colormapShader.shader. As for your last question, it looks unstable because the depth module updates every frame. You can limit the max fps by calling SRWorkModule_API.SetDepthMaxFps(int max_fps). Regards, Renee
  9. @giuly-chu, Thanks for sharing with us your method & making use of SRWorks for such a great purpose. Hope your thesis project goes well. We are always here to support you. Cheers, Renee
  10. Hi @giuly-chu, These steps will do the trick: (1) Find the script Sample9_SemanticSegmentation.cs. (2) On line 165, slash out StaticMeshScript.ShowAllSementicCollider(); Cheers, Renee
  11. The nature of Semantic Segmentation is to recognize and categorize real objects in the images captured by Vive Pro's front cameras. In other words, it's an AR feature. To categorize virtual objects, try looking into Unity's documentation Object.FindObjectsOfType. As for mode switch, try looking into Sample1_Effects_SwitchMode.unity and the script ViveSR_Experience_SwitchMode.cs. Cheers, Renee
  12. Hi @giuly-chu, Kindly answer these two questions to help us understand the issue: (1) Do you run into the error using only SRWorks Unity Plugin and Experience Demo? (2) What are the steps to produce the error? Thanks! Renee
  13. @sbouillandIn the video, it appears that you attempt to place the object on the desk without performing a mesh scan. Could you kindly clarify the effect you would like to achieve? Still, it is recommended to look into the Experience Demo package, a project made with SRWorks Unity Plugin. Cheers, Renee
  14. Are you trying to place the cauldron on the desk? It appears to be on the floor. To place it on a real world desk, a mesh scan of the desk is required. As for mesh scan, try looking into Sample4 in the Experience Demo package. Cheers, Renee
  15. After upgrading your project with Unity 2019.2.6f1, have you tried deleting & reimporting the SRWorks Plugin package? This is the first time I saw this exact question on this forum. If there are any other questions that haven't been properly answered, kindly share the link; we will be more than happy to respond to it. Regards, Renee
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