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  1. Good morning and first of all... Happy New 2019. :) I would work with my company for the development of a "smart room" where to show and analize the construction models of our builds (we are a construction company) and I select Wikitude as AR development platform. I would like to integrate the AR also with the Focus Vive I have instead to use smartphone or tablet as "interface". Which one is the way to follow? Thanks!
  2. Good morning, I see the HTC Focus is able to work in the surround mode and show what's around. Does it is supporting the Augument Reality? If yes, how? Thanks and have a nice day,
  3. Dears, quick question... did we can setting up to work with the Motion Leap? I have it and it would be fantastic to manage the view with our hands and... ... ... I see it has been enabled the surround mode. It means.... we can enjoy of AR? Cheers,
  4. Dear Tony, thanks no about it we can close that ticket. Thanks for the support and collaboration
  5. Thanks for the wonderful job and just an add on for the installation of the apps with and without multi-devices connected: adb install example.apk (for the installation in the memory of the device) adb install -s example (for the installation in the SD-Card of the device)
  6. Good morning, quick question... as soon I installed the application via adb, how can I run them from the Focus UI? I don't see that from the list in the store. Thanks!!!
  7. Good evening, I created a CN account as required. I can download upgrade of the firmware, I can browse the content of the store but... anytime I click "Download", I get the same message:"Please check your network connection". What's that?
  8. Good morning, and what's about my issue? I am still unable to use the Focus...
  9. Dear, as first, thank you. I want draw some points: I didn't purchase anything as I haven't time due to install the VR itself! I have that issue with all the software aboard, I tried all the ones labeled as DEMO I don't what the money back, if you are in the good mind, as you see I never in the past and I cannot in the present get at work what I purchase, you can extend the subscription time of 5 months. I will be a great move from HTC. Now... which one is the problem I cannot download any content?
  10. Dear Mik, thank you. I can be only confident now the problem is on the table the support can quickly sort out as it's only a backoffice issue, nothing related my end. Meanwhile I keep it onhold...
  11. Good evening and thanks dears! Maybe... the problem isn't the network connection than the account, my account. Now for the first time the following error message appears when I try to run one of the applications I have in "my application" section "Vive Auto": Error Message Please confirm that the signed-in account owns this title. nlf you still entouer this issue, please contact customerservice@viveport.com VIVEPORT I did also a log-off log-in once again but the message is the same. P.S: I updated device and controller to the latest firmware available.
  12. Dear Cory, I am sorry... I am stuck. What I can do? There is any way to download offline that then transfer on the device?
  13. Good morning, thanks, as first, to everyone for the support. No it is not fixed. I can browse all the contents, I can check updates on the store as well look into each one of the products, but anytime I click on the "download" button, I get the message about the Network connection issue. I really don't understand the reason, I tried also via different network operators and via fiber/4G hotspot... same. What's the issue? P.S: I can also update with success the device, no to the latest one available.
  14. Good morning, thanks both for the support. As reported I can do everything as browse content, update the firmware of my Focus as well play the installed version to watch movies but when I want to download an application, it stops asking to verify the connection.
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