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  1. Yep that's what I did too. In fact I told him about Pishell fixing it in past and he went away and got a new version of it from engineers and a compatible firmware. I was told not to share with anyone, glad they are now dishing it out.
  2. With the 8kx and new firmware an pishell tool, it was a case of pressing up and down volume until lines disappeared. It's a shame Vive don't do something similar, I get the impression they don't care, not enough customers are effected or complain I guess.
  3. Sorry, I think I was maybe the test Guinea Pig, and was asked not to share anything. The good news is, pixel inversion on the 8kx can be fixed and quite simply too, just put in a support ticket.
  4. I decided to buy the 8kx, very glad I did!!!! It's awesome, but the funny thing is I quickly noticed lines with movement in that too 😞 Well I contacted Pimax on Monday, they had a great email conversation with me, and now the lines are gone and it's perfect 🙂 I can't go in to how exactly, I was asked not to share how as I assume they will do a more proper version in time (plus you could mess up your HMD if you do wrong setting) but it was fast and effective. VIVE take note, that is how it's done. Honestly guys, ditch the Pro 2, I'm glad I had to send it back otherwise I would have missed out on the 8kx. Great headset, sure it's not perfect but I feel it's the best consumer HMD available, and I have first hand experience of tremendous customer support.
  5. Well VP2 is going back for refund, label and all printed and ready to go, and I will not be buying a new one. Instead I have an 8Kx on order 🙂 If that has vertical lines when moving too, well, there will be swearing and crying in varying degrees. See you all in 3 years for the Vive Pro 3.
  6. I don't know why they even have this forum, they clearly aren't interested in communicating with their customers.
  7. VIVE's lack of communication on their own and rather quiet forum is just weird as best, and at worst shows utter contempt for their customers by just ignoring us. We know they post here, they know we know, it's ridiculous. I have been a VIVE fan since day one, owning the original, 2 Pros; and wireless kit. I was looking forward to the Pro 2. Sadly it's just unusable as it is with the lines.
  8. That's terrible, specially when Vive are supposed to be aware of this specific issue. From another post on here where I talked about the problem... VIVE - "The vertical line symptom has been under our high priority investigation since day one, and to clear your suspicions - it is not caused by the firmware updates. We still recommend to update to the latest SW version to receive up to date improvements. Thanks for your understanding." Me - "Hi, that's good to hear. To be clear, you are talking about the pixel lines that show with head movement right, and disappear when still? We aren't talking about the coloured lines that people had originally. Thanks." VIVE - "Yes, we are aware of the symptom." As far as I know, this is the one and only time VIVE have made comment on this issue!
  9. No word on the vertical lines with movement, again, and just like that... they disappear in to the shadows.
  10. I don't understand Vive's complete lack of communication on this. Can it be fixed? Is there hope? This is by no means a cheap bit of tech and this is their own forum, yet nothing.
  11. I haven't returned it yet, but support told me by email the only option currently is a refund. I asked how much longer I can keep it and still return for a refund, and they said the return ticket and label are valid for 75 days. So I may just order another, but I'm waiting to hear back regarding a code to get my original £60 off again... not holding my breath.
  12. Vive have said I can't get a replacement, only a refund. If I order another to try, I don't get my original £60 off 😞
  13. I have made numerous posts about this issue here, on Reddit, and Steam. On one here on this forum, they did eventually respond saying they are aware and have been working on it since day one. I even clarified that they were specifically talking about this issue, that being vertical lines with head movement, and not other reported lines. Other than that though, no communication from them at all if a fix is ever possible, let alone any kind of timeline.
  14. Oh well, message sent for refund 😞 "I would like to return my Vive Pro 2 for a refund please. It currently has two known problems, Vive know about them, but have ignored requests for more information on the issues their forum/Reddit/Steam etc. The problems are vertical lines with head movement, and buzz in a headphone. These issues effect many users, it's not a problem our end. I may consider buying again in the future, but I think the lack of communication from Vive, particularly on their own forum, is very poor indeed." I am so disappointed.
  15. Vive, what is happening with the vertical lines with head movement please? I don't understand why Vive isn't speaking to us about it other than acknowledging it. You should be telling us whether or not it's hardware or software, whether we can reasonably expect a fix soon, whether the refund window is extended pending a solution, etc. As none of us know anything, my hand is forced and I shall have to get a refund. I was really looking forward to the VP2 owner having owned everything Vive in the past and being an avid supporter. I guess I will just stick to the G2.
  16. Does Vive actually communicate by Telegram or something? Are they paying per word hence their lack of communication?
  17. Jesus, it's like pulling teeth... Can you give us a little more please? Should we expect a fix by update and if so any idea of a timescale, or should we be returning our headsets?
  18. Hi, that's good to hear. To be clear, you are talking about the pixel lines that show with head movement right, and disappear when still? We aren't talking about the coloured lines that people had originally. Thanks.
  19. We have, but it's clearly not a problem our end. Its just like it was with the Index, and after an update. To be honest you may have it but do not notice it, or like many, you just don't have it at all. I don't want to needlessly send for replacement if they are going to patch it, if they would just let us know if this is the case or not. If we send it back then the next day they announce they are working on a fix, we will needlessly be waiting for weeks. It's not too much to ask for a little communication, surely?
  20. And the vertical lines with head movement issue???! Are you just going to keep ignoring it hoping people don't return their Vp2 within the refund window? Shame on you.
  21. Please respond to us regarding the vertical lines with head movement issue. We are all getting frustrated which is obvious from the forum, Reddit and Steam. We are your customers and have spent a lot. I have been an avid Vive supporter since day 1 with an OG Vive, 2 Vive Pros and wireless kit, not a Vive Pro 2. I don't deserve, just as nobody else does, to be left in the dark as to what is going on. My refund window is closing and I don't want to return it, but you are forcing my hand.
  22. We know you are active here, you post about updates etc, so please communicate with us, your customers, about this vertical lines with head movement issue. It's clearly not a problem our end. We have paid a lot, should we give up and get a refund or tell us what is happening.
  23. I've had this error message with only 2 monitors + vp2 connected to 3090, and 1 monitor connected to onboard hdmi.
  24. I know VIVE have said it will be added later, but can you give any idea of when it could be expected, and what kind of resolution and refresh rates will be possible? Thanks.
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