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  1. Just as another data point - I've switched my main focus (no pun intended) to the Lenovo Mirage due to this issue.
  2. The download page still says Unity (2018.1) . Is there an ETA on 2018.2? There's been 4 official point releases of it so it's hardly bleeding edge any more.
  3. > ~3.33 hours Wow... I'm a web developer originally. I think I've always defaulted to 7 or 30 days for non-sensitive apps (with a checkbox for "this is a public computer" of course...) Who on earth though 3 hours was reasonable!
  4. A follow up question - what's it set to? I'm wondering if there's something else going on as I'm being logged out several times a day. I switch between several different machines thoughout the day. Does it log you out if you log in on a another device/browser? It's doing something odd because I don't have this issue with any other website.
  5. Cool. Thanks for taking the time to respond. (PS surprised there's still a market for non-open source forum software in this day and age.)
  6. I have to log in every single time. Several times a day. And because I'm logging in with oAuth/Steam it's about 5 clicks (because for some bizarre reasons it usually fails the first time). Please set your cookies to a reasonable expiry time. A month, a week or at least a few days. The only website I use that logs me out more frequently is my bank and at least they have some justification for being paranoid about long sessions. If I accidentally stay logged in here for too long then I would probably guess that the world won't end prematurely.
  7. Two things: 1. I also agree that the problem is reduced the more you tighten the headset. It has to be so tight as to be uncomfortable to really lessen it (at least with the current foam) 2. It's seriously damaging the reputation of the device. Everyone I've shown it to has commented that the Lenovo Mirage seems to "feel better" or "has better tracking". It's this problem that they are noticing. Yours is the premium product - over the 50% more expensive than the Mirage. It really needs to be better in every regard.
  8. Russell - a couple of questions about Drop. 1. Will it support WebVR? 2. What's your timescale for the various platforms? I'm especially interested in Wave and Daydream.
  9. I have to reauthorise for this forum more frequently than I do for my online banking. Any reason not to set the timeout to something sane like a month or year?
  10. I seem to recall this worked when I tried it: https://github.com/sabresaurus/Sidekick
  11. And any timeline on support for single pass stereo rendering?
  12. All the VR developers I've shown the Focus to have immediately commented on this and they've mainly suggested that the final image isn't being distorted correctly for the optics. Likewise - really pressing the headset into one's face mitigates the issue somewhat (and improves the FOV) but becomes uncomfortable over time. Even with this there's still some swimminess with horizontal head motion.
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