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  1. [PM removed because of codes] This is what you PM'd me on 6-11. I still need to provide a screen shot? Like I said, you told me it was 12 months etc.. I preordered the Vive pro, and we already went down this path of proof of purchase, hence me showing you your own PM to me. Again, that code was only good for 6 months, and it didnt even work because you guys kept charging me.
  2. So, I bought a Vive Pro, and included was supposed to be 1 year free subscription, however Rockjaw gave me a code, and it was only valid for 6 months (strange business practice) ... I figured whatever.. so anyway, this is my second time getting charged for your subscription, my question is WILL YOU GUYS HONOR THE 6 months? Put it this way, im so annoyed with your service, you can take even the free 6 months and shove it. I will never buy a HTC product again. Again I got charged, just do me a favor... take me off of this goofy subscription, its obvious you guys dont know what the hell is going on in your billing department. All I ask is cancel my sub, I dont want any part of this anymore.. I am DONE coming to this forum trying to correct issues. I have the #1 positive review on Amazon for the Vive Pro, and this is how im treated. First you dont give me a full 1 year, like I was promised. And here you are, wont even allow the 6 month duration... I'm OUT. Just cancel me, thanks.
  3. I bought a Vive Pro and got a YEAR free Vive subsription (actually the code they gave me is only 6 months, yes I got jipped out of 6 months just sick of dealing with this sub par support) But now im back, because I got charged this morning.. Can someone please explain why I would be charged when I thought my 6 months would be valid for.... 6 months?
  4. Thanks for your assist, I got the $100 credit, however the code you sent me for the sub is only for 6 months... can you please help?
  5. Hi, I sent you the email address hours ago, did you forget about me?
  6. I only got a two month free Sub what happened to: "We’re also sweetening the pack-in offer for existing Vive owners that have purchased Vive Pro, where we will offer a $100 Viveport content credit and extend the Viveport Subscription offer to 1 year." How do I get my $100 credit and sub for 1 year?
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