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  1. Thank you so much for your detailed reply, Emexrulsier! Appreciate your time. This is great information and much for valuable than the $60 I lost on having to pay for that game twice. ;) that said vr is so cool and so exhausting, I don’t even have time for that game due to all the other things to explore..;)
  2. no, its been more than 2 hours.. by the time they figured out the blank code issue i already played for a day.. if i knew they sort it out in 24 hours i would not have bought it.. but when i googled the issue, it said that the issue is known and the vive customer service is issuing the activations codes again, and they said it will take 7 days!! that was the trigger to just buy it.. anyways, not going to spoil my good experience with customer service issues.. was just wondering if someone wants that code for less than $60 plus tax.. i guess not.. so on.. :)
  3. is that advertising for some pirated keys? how do they offer $37 for a new game?
  4. I bought the bundle, but when i redeemed the bundle code, there was no activation code for fallout 4.. took me 2 days to resolve this with HTC, in the meantime i bought a full price version. Now i got the activation code from HTC, and they are saying there are no credits possible to rectify their error. Anybody wants a discounted activation code? prefer money by Apple Cash or venmo.. game is amazing! :) vive is amazing.. just not their attention to detail or customer service. PM me please.. Cheers!
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