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  1. Can confirm that putting tape over a specific sensor works. It just baffles me that this still hasn't been fixed yet. Thanks to this thread we've bascially solved the issue for HTC and pin pointed the defect down to a specific sensor that causes issues with tracking when the HMD gets to a certain tempeture. Couldn't they just release a firmware patch that disables that sensor when the HMD gets to hot? Do they really just not care at all? I orignally went with Vive over Oculus since I was under the assumption I'd get a more "premium expereince" due to the higher price point. But, that wasn't the case at all. Issues like this that go unsolved due to HTC just not caring and their horrendous tech support makes me really regret the purchase. Really wish I went with a Rift instead.
  2. Has anybody had any luck with sending in their HMD in under warranty to repair this issue? I don't want to send in my Vive just for them to send it back unfixed, espcially since they make you pay for shipping. Honestly at this point with how "helpful" Vive support has been with this issue I'm considering just asking for a refund or selling the thing if possible. With this many people reporting the same exact issue there is obviously a defect with a batch of Vive's that were shipped out and it doesn't seem like HTC wants to really help any of us. For $600 I expected a preimum product that would just work.
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