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  1. Totally understand your situation. Had even worse service from them myself. Vive stops functioning after 3 months and it's been ongoing since October 2016 with long response times, if they even reply. I will be filing legal documents tomorrow to get my money back from this which has been refused. The most outrageous and poor customer service in existence, I challenge anyone to prove me wrong.
  2. I fully understand your grief and annoyance with HTC support. As your title reads, it really is the worst support ever. Long response times for email (if they get back to you at all), wasting customer time, charging for telephone support, saying you'll get a call back and a call never comes, expecting the customer to spend so much of their personal time identifying the problem etc. My unit stopped working within 3 months of light use and encountered all the issues I mentioned above and more. Forum link here if you're interested to read and relate to my experience: http://community.viveport.com/t5/General-Vive-Discussion/Forced-To-Take-Legal-Action/m-p/21712?__woopraid=tpWYBfEgoPme&__woopraid=tpWYBfEgoPme&__woopraid=tpWYBfEgoPme#M5166 Update: This thread has recently been locked, and I have been fobbed off to contact an email address, again getting no reply, so I have started another thread in general discussion: http://community.viveport.com/t5/General-Vive-Discussion/Forum-Admins-Locked-Censored-My-Thread-Forced-To-Take-Legal/td-p/21969/jump-to/first-unread-message?__woopraid=tpWYBfEgoPme I myself have had an ongoing issue with them since June 2016 and currently I have sent a formal letter to HTC headquarters in the UK with a deadline date to respond, after which I will be filing legal action to get back my money back from these scam artists which is within the next couple of days - although I am not expecting a response as customer service and satisfaction is unimportant to HTC, but sucking money from your pockets and wasting your time is their number 1 priority from my experience. I have filed various formal complaints regarding the outrageous service, no one complaint was dealt with. A senior manager there - Mostafa I think his name was - told me when I asked why none of my complaints were addressed that HTC couldn't be expected to deal with every customer complaint across Europe. I was absolutely shocked by this response to say the least, and it says everything about their standard of customer service.
  3. The HTC forum admin, Synthesis (John C), has locked the following thread to censor what I have to say about their dire customer support: http://community.viveport.com/t5/General-Vive-Discussion/Forced-To-Take-Legal-Action/m-p/21712?__woopraid=tpWYBfEgoPme#M5166 So I will be continuing it here. The admin, as you can see from the last message in the thread, sent me the following private message: "Could you please email us at Vive_care@vive.com? We'd be happy to help you. Thank you, -John C" I contacted this email address on 9th August. I haven't received a reply. I haven't received a confirmation the email is being dealt with. Nothing. Yet HTC are happy to help???? Consistantly poor customer support since October 2016. Currently today is the deadline for the formal letter sent to HTC headquarters to solve the issue as per the consumer rights act 2015. Not only has the email to vivecare been ignored, no response has been made to the formal letter. HTC have had nearly 2 years to sort the problem, I have given them information in writing many times that I will be taking legal action. HTC are not concerned. I will be submitting small claims form documents tomorrow, whereby legal action will be taken. As there has been an attempt to censor what I have to say, which is simply stating FACTS about HTC customer support, I will be detailing all of this via social media as well and various forums.
  4. Update: A formal letter has been issued to HTC Headquarters with a two week deadline in which to respond. After this time if no response has been received, legal action will be taken. I do not expect a response based on my lengthy experience with HTC, as I know first hand that customer service is not important to this huge organisation.
  5. wrote: wrote: HTC then want more system reports and say that they might not be able to fix the product without the reports - how is it possible that HTC need customer assistance to fix their own product? Are you not aware of the fact that of the billions of computers in the world, yours is unique? What version of your operating system you're running, the driver versions you have, and applications running that can interfere with other software all play a huge part in troubleshooting. If you're not willing to help them fix the problem, then what are they exactly supposed to do without wasting your personal time by arranging a meeting in person at your house to diagnose and fix the problem that could take hours or even days? Be a good sport, and send them the reports like they ask. It's not hard. You obviously do not understand the responsibilities of a manufacturer to provide a functional product, and you must not have understood from my post the amount of information I have provided them. There are so many issues with the Vive that can be seen via this forum alone, let alone Reddit and Youtube or any other message board. Also, no where did I imply my situation is unique. I will need to assume there are paid users to make HTC look good and defend them via forum and social media posts, which could definitely appear in this thread based on the title - I'm surprised this entire thread hasn't been deleted.
  6. So this is a PSA of sorts to warn potential and existing customers of HTC Vive of major failings with customer support, and with hardware that should be told to customers before purchasing. I have been forced to take legal action against HTC as they have been incapable of repairing my unit or providing a refund for broken hardware, and have virtually no regard for customers of a product that cost over £700. I bought the Vive in June 2016. Approximately 3 months later with minimal use it stopped detecting the headset. I contact support, nearly a month goes by with no reponse, to which I had to prompt them with another email to get back to me. When they did, all they emailed was troubleshooting steps so that the customer uses their personal time to analyse their own product instead of HTC. This is followed by long wait times, if they even respond. I got to the point I had to contact them via telephone because of months without a reply, only to find out that HTC have paid customer support. Apparently 3 or so months after my first contact they changed their email address for support, but didn't inform customers, so I was emailing a reduntant email address that was still active with no one monitoring it. One and a half years later a repair is finally arranged after countless hours of my personal time being wasted, as well as my money phoning support. It arrives back, it worked once, then it stopped working altogether. HTC then want more system reports and say that they might not be able to fix the product without the reports - how is it possible that HTC need customer assistance to fix their own product? After nearly 2 years and my threat of legal action for HTC management to offer to take the entire Vive back and return a functional once, not stating if it would be repaired or refurbished or anything. Except I had lost all interest for VR solely because of the company that made and sold it to me, after the failed repair and more time wasting. I rejected the offer as I already asked for this more than once over a year ago, and was told they need to ascertain what part is faulty for their technicians. I was told I'd get a call back last week, which I didn't, and 7 days went by before calling them again and they had forgotten to call me which is consistent throughout the entire time dealing with HTC. They say they're going to do a lot of things, but never do them. This is how serious and professional HTC are as a business, and how much they value customers and customer satisfaction. I am very eager to hear your story regarding HTC and how you found their service, Vive or other. I will also be posting updates as this progresses for anyone interested. Chris
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