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  1. Unfortunately this isn't actually working as stereo. This is similar to what I had working, but the problem is the top image of the over/under is being sent to both eyes. In the shader, there's this code to determine which portion of the source video to render into each fragment. if (_Layout == 0) // No 3D layout o.layout3DScaleAndOffset = float4(0,0,1,1); else if (_Layout == 1) // Side-by-Side 3D layout o.layout3DScaleAndOffset = float4(unity_StereoEyeIndex,0,0.5,1); else // Over-Under 3D layout o.layout3DScaleAndOffset = float4(0, 1-unity_StereoEyeIndex,1,0.5); It's dependent on unity_StereoEyeIndex being either 1 or 0. In the SDK it appears to always be 0, no matter which eye the pixels are rendering to. It appears that both eyes are being sent the same half of the video.
  2. I have an over/under stereo video that I'm playing in a scene, but for some reason the image is coming in as monoscopic 360. I suspect it's because Unity isn't properly setting the unity_StereoEyeIndex in the shader, which is needed to deteremine which part of the video to render to which eye. Is there a workaround for this? Has anyone had any luck getting this kind of thing to work? Thanks!
  3. I'm looking at creating an app (In Unity) for the Wave SDK, that would include some larger 360 stereo video files in the 1GB range. I know that on the Google Play store you can package extra content as an addon downloadable, but does Viveport on mobile have anything similar? If not, what routes are developers typically taking to get extra content beyond the current 250 MB limit? Any advice would be welcome!
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