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  1. I just purchased a HTC Vive. Been a week now using it and I just started to get the flashing when I play over an hour. The Headset gets very hot near the HDMI/USB inputs. I believe this is casuing the Headset to malfunction. Are there any third party cable that we can buy that are more heat resistant so maybe this problem can be avoided where we can play for more hours? Has HTC found out what the problem is? Does HTC support even care the headsets are overheating? How can't HTC support not replicate this issue? I have 30 days to return my Vive and I will do so if necessary. Hard to belive that HTC does not fix this heating problem or offer something else as a fix. Well, I have 3 weeks left to return the set. Let's see how this plays out for me over the next 2 weeks.
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