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  1. Hello team, We are publisher for Salary Man Escape. We would like to opt-in to the Arcade Program but we met a problem when determined the Arcade Program price. Different tier means different price. Could you please tell us the criteria used for determining which tier a game is? Looking forward to your reply! Thanks! Best, Lan
  2. Hello team, We are publisher for Light Tracer. Now we are going to publish another game on Viveport, whose developer are different from Light Tracer. As far as we know, we should create another account for our new game since the developer cannot be changed accordingly. May I ask if there is a way for us to publish different developers' games using the same account? Thanks for your time and looking forward to your reply! Best, Fann
  3. Hi there, we have a question about submission on Viveport. Our question is mainly about the option of uploading more than one build. I’m asking this because we have most western and asian languages covered, however we cannot put them both in the same build (tech. wise this isn’t possible for dev) therefor, we want to know if we can split the build in one for the Asia region and one of the western. Or just give users a choice to download either of the builds on the platofrm
  4. Dear Stephen, Thank you for the so swift feedback. We didn't notice it was already released since when we search for Light Tracer in the store, seems cannot find the result. But if you say it's only released in Viveport Subscription, makes sense then. We still have questions hope you can help us: 1. As I read in Chinese version Viveport Subscription Term, LT will be deleted from the subscription plan after 60days. Will it turn back to normal pay for download model then? 2. LT got store front feature in Chinese Viveport Store, We hope to learn your suggestion if the subscription plan will influence the result from the feature? 3. If there is possibility we can also get any feature from Global store? Kindly hope you can help with the questions. Thank you, Lan
  5. Hello Team, We are developer for Light Tracer. The game was submitted to Viveport about 3 weeks ago. We would really hope to hear your feedback asap. Thank you in advance. Lan
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