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  1. @Tony PH Lin I'm on firmware 1.58.1400.4 (i'm on wifi) Every time I try to do a firmware update I get I am trying to update to 1.92.1400.2. Click download, update is corrupted. The downloaded system software is corrupted. @Cotta
  2. The Wave SDK would play better with multi platform projects if its code were enclosed in a #IF UNITY_ANDROID ... #ENDIF
  3. I made a quick start video for VIU a while ago: I have 2 follow up videos recorded, I just haven't taked the time to edit and upload them yet. I've been using VIU in production for the past 2 years on multiple projects. Speaking from experience they've been very responsive with code maintainence issues, and I have no reservations about using their sdk going forward.
  4. I ordered it through the us developer program, and submitted my serial number to you when you asked for it on 11-30-2018.
  5. What Rom version has the fix in. I updated to 1.58.1400.4 and still see the lens distortion issues. Thanks
  6. Has HTC given up on this headset. This is a blocking issue that turns what could be a nice headset into a worthless gimmick. The focus as it currently stands is worse then a daydream headset. We've only recieved silence on this for months. Are there plans to fix the focus so it is usable or have we just wasted our money on a useless piece of hardware?
  7. SteamVR 2.0.1 SRWorks I started a new project in 2018.3.0f1 added the OpenVR Package, installed Steamvr and SRWorks Error: Assets\ViveSR\Scripts\ViveSR_DualCameraCalibrationTool.cs(126,69): error CS0103: The name 'Registry' does not exist in the current context It looks like some recent change may of broken the SRWorks Plugin
  8. I'm interested in testing the fix as well :) its all that holds me back from using my focus
  9. after the auto update on Steam VR on 7/26 pogo pins stop being read in unity, and all programs that made use of the hyperblaster, and similar controllers. I tried configuring button press events to send the same buttons that used to be sent, but they had no effect. Does anyone have any information on how to make vive tracker pogo pins behave out they used to? I'm doing setup for a show i'll be at for the next 3 days, and it just broke everything i'm showing.
  10. My focus says its update to date when I run the check on it, but I still only have 3dof tracking on the controller. Am I missing something obvious?
  11. My HTC account is linked to my google account, there is not option to sign is with a linked account on the focus, but when logged into the web portal there is no option to change my htc account password, which leaves me with no way to log in and access the app store on the foucs.
  12. When I try and generate a mesh of the room i'm in, it locks the headset up every time before scanning finishes. Windows 1709 (OS Build 16299.371 Video Card: Nvidia Geforce 1080 Nvidia driver: 397.64 Reconsturctionlog.txt [Reconstruction Engine] [2018-05-09 11:30:02] [LOG] Set DataSource:0 [Reconstruction Engine] [2018-05-09 11:30:02] [LOG] Set not to use sensor device [Reconstruction Engine] [2018-05-09 11:31:32] [LOG] CMD: Start Process [Reconstruction Engine] [2018-05-09 11:31:57] [LOG] Set DataSource:0 [Reconstruction Engine] [2018-05-09 11:31:57] [LOG] Set not to use sensor device [Reconstruction Engine] [2018-05-09 11:43:04] [LOG] Set DataSource:0 [Reconstruction Engine] [2018-05-09 11:43:04] [LOG] Set not to use sensor device [Reconstruction Engine] [2018-05-09 11:44:43] [LOG] CMD: Start Process [Reconstruction Engine] [2018-05-09 11:44:45] [LOG] Frame:50, FPS:25.763256, #Vert:1460, Stride:16, #Idx:5613 [Reconstruction Engine] [2018-05-09 11:44:47] [LOG] Frame:100, FPS:25.770521, #Vert:7868, Stride:16, #Idx:34605 [Reconstruction Engine] [2018-05-09 11:44:49] [LOG] Frame:150, FPS:25.779484, #Vert:8742, Stride:16, #Idx:38571 [Reconstruction Engine] [2018-05-09 16:49:07] [LOG] Set DataSource:0 [Reconstruction Engine] [2018-05-09 16:49:07] [LOG] Set not to use sensor device [Reconstruction Engine] [2018-05-09 16:49:35] [LOG] CMD: Start Process [Reconstruction Engine] [2018-05-09 16:49:37] [LOG] Frame:50, FPS:25.005159, #Vert:196, Stride:16, #Idx:543 [Reconstruction Engine] [2018-05-09 16:49:39] [LOG] Frame:100, FPS:25.779728, #Vert:13732, Stride:16, #Idx:60567 [Reconstruction Engine] [2018-05-09 16:49:41] [LOG] Frame:150, FPS:25.816013, #Vert:13342, Stride:16, #Idx:53568 [Reconstruction Engine] [2018-05-09 16:49:43] [LOG] Frame:200, FPS:25.968006, #Vert:9895, Stride:16, #Idx:33756 [Reconstruction Engine] [2018-05-09 16:49:45] [LOG] Frame:250, FPS:25.638838, #Vert:21314, Stride:16, #Idx:101805 [Reconstruction Engine] [2018-05-09 16:49:47] [LOG] Frame:300, FPS:25.405073, #Vert:23236, Stride:16, #Idx:113082 [Reconstruction Engine] [2018-05-09 16:49:49] [LOG] Frame:350, FPS:25.322649, #Vert:26928, Stride:16, #Idx:122775 [Reconstruction Engine] [2018-05-09 16:49:51] [LOG] Frame:400, FPS:25.072931, #Vert:31303, Stride:16, #Idx:148827 [Reconstruction Engine] [2018-05-09 16:49:53] [LOG] Frame:450, FPS:24.734486, #Vert:31446, Stride:16, #Idx:151347 [Reconstruction Engine] [2018-05-09 16:49:55] [LOG] Frame:500, FPS:24.401983, #Vert:31905, Stride:16, #Idx:146358 [Reconstruction Engine] [2018-05-09 16:49:58] [LOG] Frame:550, FPS:24.184496, #Vert:30911, Stride:16, #Idx:127704 [Reconstruction Engine] [2018-05-09 16:50:00] [LOG] Frame:600, FPS:24.146101, #Vert:25047, Stride:16, #Idx:99486 [Reconstruction Engine] [2018-05-09 16:50:02] [LOG] Frame:650, FPS:24.014036, #Vert:24062, Stride:16, #Idx:108444 [Reconstruction Engine] [2018-05-09 16:50:04] [LOG] Frame:700, FPS:24.020086, #Vert:21182, Stride:16, #Idx:87528 [Reconstruction Engine] [2018-05-09 16:50:06] [LOG] Frame:750, FPS:23.998316, #Vert:23972, Stride:16, #Idx:100764 [Reconstruction Engine] [2018-05-09 16:50:08] [LOG] Frame:800, FPS:23.840387, #Vert:32299, Stride:16, #Idx:143295 [Reconstruction Engine] [2018-05-09 16:50:11] [LOG] Frame:850, FPS:23.781651, #Vert:30109, Stride:16, #Idx:127593 [Reconstruction Engine] [2018-05-09 16:50:13] [LOG] Frame:900, FPS:23.702810, #Vert:29854, Stride:16, #Idx:136488 [Reconstruction Engine] [2018-05-09 16:50:15] [LOG] Frame:950, FPS:23.534058, #Vert:36087, Stride:16, #Idx:174174 [Reconstruction Engine] [2018-05-09 16:50:17] [LOG] Frame:1000, FPS:23.464941, #Vert:35845, Stride:16, #Idx:175197 [Reconstruction Engine] [2018-05-09 16:50:20] [LOG] Frame:1050, FPS:23.402487, #Vert:33405, Stride:16, #Idx:149841 [Reconstruction Engine] [2018-05-09 16:50:22] [LOG] Frame:1100, FPS:23.391102, #Vert:32834, Stride:16, #Idx:143982 [Reconstruction Engine] [2018-05-09 16:50:24] [LOG] Frame:1150, FPS:23.382845, #Vert:34727, Stride:16, #Idx:149520 [Reconstruction Engine] [2018-05-09 16:50:26] [LOG] Frame:1200, FPS:23.320150, #Vert:36524, Stride:16, #Idx:169050 [Reconstruction Engine] [2018-05-09 16:50:29] [LOG] Frame:1250, FPS:23.184761, #Vert:51843, Stride:16, #Idx:244341 [Reconstruction Engine] [2018-05-09 16:50:31] [LOG] Frame:1300, FPS:23.050913, #Vert:47007, Stride:16, #Idx:208785 [Reconstruction Engine] [2018-05-09 16:50:34] [LOG] Frame:1350, FPS:22.953476, #Vert:44534, Stride:16, #Idx:201792 [Reconstruction Engine] [2018-05-09 16:50:36] [LOG] Frame:1400, FPS:22.844864, #Vert:37793, Stride:16, #Idx:179631 [Reconstruction Engine] [2018-05-09 16:50:39] [LOG] Frame:1450, FPS:22.776266, #Vert:39257, Stride:16, #Idx:171651 [Reconstruction Engine] [2018-05-09 16:50:41] [LOG] Frame:1500, FPS:22.711567, #Vert:39257, Stride:16, #Idx:171651 [Reconstruction Engine] [2018-05-09 16:50:44] [LOG] Frame:1550, FPS:22.538012, #Vert:39257, Stride:16, #Idx:171651 [Reconstruction Engine] [2018-05-09 16:50:44] [-!-ERROR-!-] [code: 0x0013] [Reconstruction Engine] [2018-05-09 16:54:11] [LOG] Set DataSource:0 [Reconstruction Engine] [2018-05-09 16:54:11] [LOG] Set not to use sensor device [Reconstruction Engine] [2018-05-09 16:54:49] [LOG] CMD: Start Process [Reconstruction Engine] [2018-05-09 16:54:51] [LOG] Frame:50, FPS:26.111855, #Vert:7401, Stride:16, #Idx:35370 [Reconstruction Engine] [2018-05-09 16:54:53] [LOG] Frame:100, FPS:26.332989, #Vert:11282, Stride:16, #Idx:58851 [Reconstruction Engine] [2018-05-09 16:54:55] [LOG] Frame:150, FPS:25.952686, #Vert:19007, Stride:16, #Idx:94521 [Reconstruction Engine] [2018-05-09 16:54:57] [LOG] Frame:200, FPS:25.401094, #Vert:23556, Stride:16, #Idx:119628 [Reconstruction Engine] [2018-05-09 16:54:59] [LOG] Frame:250, FPS:25.410810, #Vert:22199, Stride:16, #Idx:96477 [Reconstruction Engine] [2018-05-09 16:55:01] [LOG] Frame:300, FPS:25.435110, #Vert:11493, Stride:16, #Idx:49500 [Reconstruction Engine] [2018-05-09 16:55:03] [LOG] Frame:350, FPS:25.741983, #Vert:10529, Stride:16, #Idx:47025 [Reconstruction Engine] [2018-05-09 16:55:05] [LOG] Frame:400, FPS:25.697039, #Vert:11658, Stride:16, #Idx:47478 [Reconstruction Engine] [2018-05-09 16:55:07] [LOG] Frame:450, FPS:25.699638, #Vert:21346, Stride:16, #Idx:98529 [Reconstruction Engine] [2018-05-09 16:55:09] [LOG] Frame:500, FPS:25.561165, #Vert:27038, Stride:16, #Idx:120951 [Reconstruction Engine] [2018-05-09 16:55:09] [-!-ERROR-!-] [code: 0x0013]
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