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  1. Hello, Alright. Status Update. My closet were reflecting too much and my window. I put something over my big closet for testing and i have almost no problems with my Vive Tracker and my Controllers. It works completly fine now for me :) I might get a new closet and remove this one with the reflecting window. Thanks for your help and now I can play good with my trackers :p I had literally no idea that this can cause so much issues o:
  2. I cant test a different room but I have so many reflecting things in here.. my Base Stations are definitely correct aligned now. Sometimes my balls from the 3 Vive Tracker are just flying in all direction and I cant fix it... I also noticed only my Basestation in the corner is detecting my hips Tracker.. I have to turn around everytime when I want the ball back... Sometimes I think only 1 Basestation are just tracking the things... I think im gonna do this tomorrow and cover eeeeeeeverything up I got in my room. Those base stations seems very sensible. I cant test it in a different room, we have almost everywhere windows. I hope thats it because if its not, I have no idea why this happens. We will see tomorrow and I message you back then if its ok :) I dont want to spend 300$ on something which is not working Q_Q I see sooooo many people in VRChat (which is a game where many people most uses VR) who are having full-body tracking and it looks so good. Except for me. If you want, I can make a small video tomorrow and then you can look it up how it looks like IF its not working with covering all the reflections I have. But I have to say, my Vive Controller war working much better now. I played for 2 hours and they didnt flew away. Now I need to fix ma Vive Trackers...
  3. Hm okey. I think it might be my close, right? See my screen, its reflecting abit, am I right? Thats the only thing i can imagine of reflecting. Maybe my TV but that isnt in my angle.
  4. Oh okey, so I can use this to align them perfecly that even my Vive trackers on my feet are visable? Because this is the other issue I have... Sometimes the balls ingame they are just floating somewhere and then coming back then floating away again... like the Controllers... Also, I want to know if the Steam Tracker 2.0 is out so I can maybe buy a 3rd base station since I have so many problems with my 2.... Maybe my room isnt made for 2 base station.. Idk..
  5. Well, I tested it again and I turned up both base station above my head. Now its working. But Im not sure if now the base stations know where the floor is since they are facing up pretty much. Even tho i dont know if my trackers on the feet still viewable by the base station... How is the radius of the camera inside the base station? Is it realy realy wide?
  6. The thing is.. what I dont undertand... when there are 2 base stations, and you are standing infront of one base station with your headset, then you block the vision the base station is behind you so the second base station loses tracking, or?
  7. Well, I didnt tried this yet. The only thing I did was using the Base Station near my picture. So the one who is mounted on the wall, not the tripod one. I turned off the tripod one and used the other one. Both glasses are clean. I cleaned then with the thing I got from the Vive for the Headset glasses.
  8. Well, I tried it with belt and sometimes the Tracker drops off my hip. It just slides through...
  9. Hello... I have a big problem.. I have 2 Base Stations. 1 Base Station works better then 2 Base Stration. I have literally tested EVERY Room Setup I could do. Nothing worked. Whenever I have 2 Base Stations on, my Controllers are just flying away in all direction. I dont know why. This makes literally no sense to me. Here is an Image of my current Room/Setup: https://imgur.com/a/KpXMe https://imgur.com/a/AUP1b You can see, those 2 Base Stations are seeing each other. What I tried: Turn light off/on Setup different Room Scale Opened my closet incase the mirror is reflecting Moved the camera forward Even Standing Play works better with 1 Base Station I really need help with this. Regards Lyvondria
  10. Hello, I got 3 Vive Trackers yesterday. Im using hair-ties to put them on my feet. 2 hair-ties on each fett and put them on. This works fine and is very stable. But what do I use to put the 3rd one my hips? I couldnt find anything :( Any recommendation?
  11. Hello, Aaaaaaaaaalright. Now my left monitor broke again. Great... The Vive has problems with 3 monitors. Now I need to send this monitor back again and get a new one.... Jesus...
  12. Hello, Ah sorry, I didnt got the Email somehow from this topic. Yes, Im using a uninteruple cable from wall to the monitor.
  13. Yeah, thats a realy weird problem. I start SteamVR, right monitor goes black for a second. I can tell, after 2-3 weeks when I play daily VR, my DisplayPort will break again.
  14. Hello! I have a big problem. Whenever I start SteamVR, my right monitor is going black and then after 3 seconds, its going back to normal. Last time this happened, after some starts and ending of SteamVR, my DisplayPort got an function error and It broke and I had to replace my monitor. Im scared if this happens again... Last time it was my Left Monitor, which got replaced because of the DisplayPort function error, now I got a replacement with the same monitor, and now my right monitor is going Black for some reason for 3 seconds. Im very scared if this happens again that I get an DisplayPort function error. I have 3 Monitor connected. All through DisplayPort 1.4. Left Monitor: ASUS VG248QE Middle Monitor: BenQ XL2730Z Right Monitor: ASUS VG248QE All monitors has 144hz. Any help maybe?
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