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  1. Hi , i also have an issue with one of my controllers not charging although when i plug it in it does show the red charge light and when i remove the cable nothing, the other one works fine. Regards, Trevor
  2. The fan idea seems to work, very annoying but if i pause what i'm doing and stand in front of the fan for a few minutes it does seem to stop the grey screen. At least it proves it is heat related, shame we are getting no assistance from HTC.
  3. Thanks, I might try other sensors as my next idea was a fan which is annoying if you are moving around.
  4. Hi, i tried the fix with the tape but didn't seem to work we are now in the middle of summer here in Australia and i'm down to about 30mins of gameplay before the grey screen occurs, i can't begin to tell you how frustrating this is. With a lot of people interested in my VR setup i find it so difficult to recommend the Vive without knowing a fix for this issue. Now that the Pro is being released it looks like we'll be asked to upgrade with the promise of a fix, doesn't seem fair for the people who bought the original product in good faith that it would do the job in all enviroments. Trev
  5. Hi, i have the same problem with my headset and do believe it is heat related as it has been a lot worse during our summer months here in Australia. It looks like you are getting little help from HTC so i will try your fix using the tape tonight and see how i go. Trev
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