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  1. We had to pack the whole system and take it to the teachers home. Once installed we could mark Steam for "Offline Mode" and it worked. Not ideal, but it's working. For educational market you should have an independent install that does not require contacting Steam. Thank you for your help.
  2. I am the tech for the school and we'll not open any connection to Steam. I'll need offline installs so I can get this system up and running or we'll have to return it.
  3. How do I install it without Steam. Install stops everytime it can't connect to Steam site. Tech chat support just told me it won't run at all with out it.
  4. I'm a tech for a school district and one of our teachers just bought the Vive VR headset. They want to use it with AutoCAD to do walk thru of the houses students create. However we block everything to do with Steam. Is there no way to use your VR headset without Steam. I know of no school district that would allow or open their systems to Steam. ------------- Moderator edit: We now offer a tool called the Vive Enterprise Device Manager that’s able to handle network management of SteamVR distributions. It enables SteamVR to be deployed without the need for the Steam client on secured/f
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