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  1. I think you are mentioning analog grip button. Currently, VBS BETA supports SteamVR skeleton as Cosmos. It supports analog trigger button, but not for grip button. Understand what you mean for finger movement animation based on the analog finger data. May we know if you also use this analog finger data for actions in game?
  2. Hi @ShadowBrain, Controller skeleton data is supported in VBS 1.04. You could switch to VBS BETA to try it via Console -> Settings -> Advanced -> Beta program. Thanks.
  3. Hi @BathBall, Maybe you could find useful info. from this discussion thread.
  4. There are two suggestions 1. For Direct Preview, please make sure wvr_plugins_directpreview.dll has loaded successfully. 1). Try to move the project to somewhere that the path did not include black. (For instance, “Unreal Plugin” include a blank). 2). Open the Unreal editor, then check the log to see if wvr_plugins_directpreview.dll found. The log will show “WVRDllLoader: Load wvr_plugins_directpreview.dll success.” in log if load successfully. The following is the failed case. LogWindows: Failed to load '../../../../../../Users/Heath/Documents/Unreal Projects/SDK400/Plugins/WaveVR/Source/WVR/lib/Win64/wvr_plugins_directpreview.dll' (GetLastError=126) LogWindows: File '../../../../../../Users/Heath/Documents/Unreal Projects/SDK400/Plugins/WaveVR/Source/WVR/lib/Win64/wvr_plugins_directpreview.dll' does not exist WVRDllLoader: Failed to load wvr_plugins_directpreview.dll 2. Please replace the NDK version r23 with r21. And here comes the Android settings for reference.
  5. Not yet in current version. Will put this support needs into consideration. Thanks.
  6. Hi @jwatson, May we clarify if you use USB or WIFI for Direct Preview? If it's under USB, then it's non issue. In addition, may we know if your environment is Unity 2020 and do you enable URP? Thanks.
  7. Hi @DrewPruett, You mentioned that we do not calibrate the eye tracker, is that meaning you don't run our calibration app before your use case? In our requirement, the calibration app needs to be run before use or change to different people to minimize the deviation. Could you check that first? Thanks.
  8. Hi @Vulkan, We'd like to contact with you for detail discussion and support. However I'm not sure why I cannot reach you via PM and also the mail box you register. Could you send me with your mail again via PM? Thanks.
  9. Hi @aseton, As you mention it's still a preview version, and there is also Unity Input System existed before. Could you elaborate more what's advantage you decide to choose? This can help us to prioritize the support importance. Thanks.
  10. Hi, You can refer another post to enable the hand tracking on Focus 3 with Wave SDK. Thanks.
  11. Hi, Thanks for reporting this issue. Currently we also have similar symptom on our side, and it's under investigation. We would recommend you to use Unity 2020 LTS instead first before we have further solution. Thanks.
  12. Hi @Knase, 4x4 is the default range of play arena if you never complete VRS RoomSetup, so we recommend you to finish the process then access the API. Furthermore, call WVR_GetArena will only return the inner maximum rectangle by user defined play area. Please be noted to use the latest SDK 4.1.0 with the ROM version (after 114) to have this function enable. Thanks.
  13. Hi, I receive some suggestions from content submission support. Maybe you can try using the example manifest from here which has some other differences: https://forum.vive.com/topic/6959-wave-android-manifest-guide/ Thanks.
  14. Hi @DjOxvear, Thanks for clarifying this issue and report with us. Just take here as a reference to share if more developers have encountered similar issue so they can get the answer right away. We have fixed this Occlusion Separation Sphere issue inside our plugin from 4.0.0 hot fix (R39). Thanks.
  15. Hi, The value in EyeData struct contains wide + openness GetEyeOpenness is only openness, so that's the difference. Thanks.
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