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  1. Hi @Khaled_2018, Confirmed with internal team, the factory reset has been disabled (not open) for previous several ROM versions. So let's why you can not see the option. The instruction of the post was in early stage when we released Develop Kit. Thanks.
  2. Hi @atonalfreerider, You can refer the adb cmd to enable bluetooth to connect other devices. Find "turn bluetooth on" on below topic. Also if you'd like to connect to Phone, please refer to: https://www.vive.com/us/support/vive-focus/category_howto/pairing-your-phone-with-vive-focus.html
  3. Hi @canaee, Yes, you're right. Enable depth module could consume more memory, and in short term we could suggest you can decide the proper time to enable/disable it on your application. Thanks.
  4. Hi @BBBH, In our internal develop experience, it seems the app version and SRWorks runtime version is different. Are you using, and could you check if you have installed runtime successfully (version should be, not Thanks.
  5. Hi @Beta_Tester, Please check my PM, thanks.
  6. Hey @ya5, Since we don't have much experience with the Godot engine, maybe someone from the Forum could provide you with advice? Our efforts are focused on supporting Unity/Unreal as that's where the VR developer based is. Thanks.
  7. Hi @User_17265, Since this is the old post, could recommend you to try our current version from https://developer.vive.com/resources/vive-sense/sdk/vive-srworks-sdk/0930/ And let us know if you still have the problem. Thanks.
  8. @Beta_Tester, sorry as I know there is no easy step to roll back to previous ROM version. As I know, there will be another Dev ROM (with newer tuning version as I mentioned earlier) for selected partners. It's an alternative way to add you into white list to push to a new Fota. However I'm not sure if it's the option you can accept or you can wait our formal release of System Upgrade which may happen around mid of Sep. Thanks.
  9. Hi @Beta_Tester, Thanks for your feedback, and after we invited more people to try some can observe the descriptions as you provided "the image displayed appears to move too much. Everything also "appears" to be much closer than before." Currently we have another internal versions under tuning, and once it's ready we may have your comments again. Thanks.
  10. Hi @Sean Lu, Could you help to check this? Thanks.
  11. Hi @monetl, Is this still an issue for you or you already find a way to resolve? Thanks.
  12. Hi @Justin_K, Please check the PM with some clarified messages. Thanks.
  13. Hi @imarin18, After internal checking, here is the feedback for your inquiry. The 110 degrees FOV is the maximum field of view you can see through the lens at specified eye-relief in our optical simulation. The actual vertical/horizontal/diagonal FOV depends on manufacturing deviation and calibration result. It should be close to 110 degrees on vertical and 106 degrees on horizontal. Thanks.
  14. Hi @Jawani, Since we can't find the related files from your original download link, could you attach the logs directly on the forum? or upload it on other cloud like google drive or drop box for our checking? Thanks.
  15. Hi @Beta_Tester, We did make changes to improve the lens distortion symptom on this Beta Developer ROM. May I know what's app you have experienced this symptom? In Viveport Launcher or other apps? If in Launcher, please go to Setting, and you can see a small version no. on right button side like 1.4.62, or other no. Please let us know since this new change need to be effective when app is rebuild based on SDK 3.2. In addition, could you help to provide full logs for our further check if you still have? Thanks.
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