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  1. Hi @krasi_quarkvr, This ROM code update isn't related to your issue. We can repro. your issue under RD environment based on your sharing app. Will keep you posted once we find further info. Thanks.
  2. Hi @pascalvanbeek, Sorry for missed your request. We have new ROM update this week with 2.04.623.2. Could you check on your side, and let us know what's your expected upgrade version? If nothing happen on your side, we may need your S/N via PM to check from the server side. Thanks.
  3. To All, We're pleased to announce the latest Wave SDK 3.1.4 has been released, in the meantime we still find some of our publishing contents are still built under previous SDK versions (like 2.1 or even previous one). We're working closely and continuously with developer community to put your feature requests inside our new SDK release, therefore we strongly encourage you can keep an eyes on our new features and plan content upgrade to enjoy the additional benefit and value-added functionalities. Here we summarize the major steps and items how to upgrade to 3.1.4 from all existing release versions. Please download the zip file and there include Unity, Unreal and Native apps porting list table. Welcome to give us feedback if you still encounter the issue, or you feel if it's really helpful to support your content upgrade. Thanks. Vive Wave SDK Team Wave Porting Table.zip
  4. Hi @h-shirakami, The lists we provided are just the devices we can purchase from Taiwan and verify during our testing when we released this feature. This doesn't mean the device which hasn't been listed Isn't Worked. Hope this info. help you to clarify. Let me know if you still need further info. Thanks.
  5. Hi @krasi_quarkvr, We received your test apps, and please expect some time for our checking since we're just back from National holiday. Thanks.
  6. Hi @h-shirakami, You can try to modify WaveVR_Render.cs for two parameters (recommendedWidth , recommendedHeight ) as below: void Awake() { … { IsSinglePass = checkVRSinglePassSupport(); // This command can make sure native's render code are initialized in render thread. // InitializeGraphic(synchronizer); // Setup render values uint w = 0, h = 0; Interop.WVR_GetRenderTargetSize(ref w, ref h); recommendedWidth = w; recommendedHeight = h; …
  7. Hi @krasi_quarkvr, Since related solution are mostly shared, there should be no diff for Media Codec part between Focus & Focus+, there should be no integrating work needed if use pure AOSP interfaces from our understanding. Please help share below info to check more details: 1. Test APP 2. ROM version of Focus and Focus+ 3. Reproduce SOP and fail rate I also send you via mail so you can provide me from there for better security. Thanks.
  8. Hi @Mafaz, Thanks for your inquiry and interests about Vive Focus Plus. We have enterprise solution and please visit below link for more info. https://enterprise.vive.com/us/ You can also consult with @Ken_Lee to get more services info. Technically you need to develop based on Wave SDK. Please see detail intro here. https://hub.vive.com/storage/app/doc/en-us/AboutViveWave.html Thanks.
  9. Hi @Liyea, @jgallo, @yzo, Please provide me your gmail account via PM, thanks.
  10. Two feedbacks: 1. Why use Unity? You can just write an OpenVR native application to do this. 2. How do you obtain the projection? You can use OpenVR API to get correct projections of each eye. @ymko
  11. Hi @jesse.tsang, Thanks for your feedback and we did see this black screen internally. Still need some time to investigate why HMD setting may cause error for this kind of independent camera from Unreal.
  12. Hi @ymko, May I know you're asking PC Vive series or the mobile series like Focus/Focus+? Thanks.
  13. Hi @h-shirakami, The eye buffer resolution is different between two devices as below. Focus+ eyebuffer resolution:1600x1440 Focus eyebuffer resolution:1440x1440 Therefore the dramatic drop may happen if the contents are GPU-bound. This is one of the cause we've found. Thanks.
  14. Hi @3dsolution, I think you're asking the behavior of “grab” like “drag”. The “drag” is: pointing to an object, pressing the Touchpad key over 0.2s then the object can be dragged. The sample code is under SDK package “Assets/Samples/ControllerInputModule_Test/”. So the “grab” behavior will be like: pointing to an object, pressing the Grab key over 0.2s. BUT the Focus+ controller does NOT have the Grab key, you can use the Trigger key instead. If you'd like to design the “Real Grab”, you have to implement the 3D hand model inside content. When the 3D hand model “collides” the object, press the Trigger key to grab the object. Hope this is helpful. Thanks.
  15. To All, Teleport issue has been resolved in 3.1.1, please take a try and let us know if you have further issues. Thanks.
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