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  1. Hi @AtomicOtaku, Could you provide logs in $(Driver)\Users\$(UserName)\AppData\LocalLow\HTC Corporation\SR_Logs? Thanks.
  2. Hi @HeyItsJazz, We just released the latest version to resolve several crash, performance and stability issues. Suggest you to download this to have a try and let us know if your issue is still existed or not. Thanks.
  3. Hi @alwyuyang, I saw your question seemed to be resolved from another post, am I right? If you still hit the problem, please provide the log as PM by right-click on Robot icon and select "Pack log" Thanks.
  4. Hi @JPalmer8, Could you provide the log as PM by right-click on Robot icon and select "Pack log"? Thanks.
  5. @Arto, @ayumu_naga, @Alexis_G, The latest SRWorks has been uploaded to website. Please check it out and let us know if you still have the issues on this topic, thanks. https://developer.vive.com/resources/2020/05/26/vive-srworks-sdk-updated-0-9-3-0/
  6. To All, Here comes the video introduction of latest new Experimental Features for 3.1.94 Early Access. Please enjoy and download to start trial. You can refer more info. from below link.
  7. Hey All Developers, We'd like to know your thoughts and suggestions about the advantages and key features to use either UE 4.23 or 4.24 on Mobile platform. Then we can more focus on the Unreal specific version and most valuable features you care about to enhance the best performance for mobile contents. Thanks. Best regards, Tony
  8. Many developers are asking how to measure the related height of the player in the game on Vive Focus Plus. Since the tracking characteristic from QCT, there is no absolutely position info. in the space. However we provide an alternative way that you can still take a reference to receive the height of player and adjust dynamically inside your game. Please refer below steps to receive the absolutely height by measure the distance between HMD/controller by touching ground and trigger event to record “Y-axis” value. Let us know if it's workable and helpful for you. Steps: 1. Inside WaveVR -> head, set “Origin” to “Origin On Head” 2. In your code, re-center the position of head: Interop.WVR_InAppRecenter (WVR_RecenterType.WVR_RecenterType_RotationAndPosition); 3. Put the dominant controller on the ground and trigger any event for content. 4. Inside your code, get the y-axis value of the controller and add minus sign to receive the height: ex: -WaveVR_Controller.Input (WaveVR_Controller.EDeviceType.Dominant).transform.pos.y
  9. Hi @atonalfreerider, Thanks for your sharing, and I do believe it's very helpful and useful info. for developers.
  10. Hi @LoLeLu, Could you try the suggestions from Sean Lu? It should be workable for your case. Thanks.
  11. Hi @JayKay @grimshawdev, Please provide me your gmail account for access create. Thanks.
  12. HI @shanks, You can download the latest SDK 3.1.4 from below link. https://developer.vive.com/resources/knowledgebase/wave-sdk/ BTW, there will be an ROM upgrade plan in Dec. But you can ignore the ROM version on your device side, since we make our latest SDK compatible with previous ROM version across different devices. Thanks.
  13. Hi @h-shirakami, There are two places use the API. Please try modify the value in line 269. 1. WaveVR_Render.cs line 269 (refer attached photo) 2. WaveVR_Render.cs line 417 (refer attached photo)
  14. @Tate-Spirit, Many developers in this mail thread have tested it successfully and send feedbacks for us. Thanks.
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