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  1. Hello, it's been 3 years since I bought the HTC Vive. I am very happy with the headshet but now I am having a serious problem: Some faint pinkish hue The double eye image seems to shift horizontally with the right eye so that I see the middle part that should usually be positioned by my nose in the middle of the eye, it is like I'm really crosseyed. Temporary Blackout (not grey) Occasional static (like old TVs) These artifacts is present in the SteamVR startup room ("This is real") but also in all games. So it doesn't seem specific to VR content. Also, it seems like the problem gets more and more pronounciated the more I play, flickering more often.I have checked my System, CPU and GPU temps and they are fine. I have reinstalled Vive, SteamVR, Nvidia drivers (even old drivers). I have disabled Camera and updated firmwares. I have tested different usb ports. Everything is power cycled in abundance. I have looked for information about other people with the same problem and everything indicates that the HDMI cable is broken. I have checked it and it is perfectly, it seems an internal problem. My question is: When are you going to replace the 3-in-1 cable in Europe? Thanks and best regards.
  2. Are there any news about this? We are still waiting for the Trackers to come out in Europe, and now the developer version can not be purchased, it stays in the "Please Select Your Country" window and does nothing else. Regards!
  3. Hello VibrantNebula, thanks for answering! The trackers for developers are more expensive? When they officially go out, will they cost €100 or will they still cost €120? €120 = 150$ USD Thanks again!
  4. Hello everyone and happy new year! I have seen that Trackers are already available to be purchased for $ 99.00 in the HTC Vive store in America, but the "coming soon" is still on the European website. My question is, when will they be available for purchase in Europe? Thanks in advance!
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