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  1. Hi, Im constantly having tracking issues when getting closer to my floor. The headset will drift and it will loose orientation completley. Also when i try picking upp stuff from the floor in Arizona Sunshine or Boneworks it will go crazy. My floor is made of white coated boards of wood. Can i improve headset tracking with maby putting a rug with a pattern on my play area? I really love the headset in all other aspekts then the tracking over all. Its comfy, have superb build quality, good software and very crisp screens with wery little lens issues. I wish for a bigger sweet spot but its ok. I still have big hopes for you guys to get the tracking as good as the competition!
  2. I tested hdmi today with the same results. Same games don’t work. This feels like a software problem I think. I have tried reinstalling steam vr and the games that don’t show up in the headset but it did no difference. What should I try next?
  3. Hi! I have the same problem with the same games that wont start in the headset! I have mine connected via a DP cable. Is anybody else using DP and not having these troubles?
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