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  1. Hi, Since i did not get any answers from the support, I spent two more days to solve the issue. I found that SRworks does not work on windows 10 Pro. I had to install windows 10 Education and now it works. Hope this might help someone else. Best,
  2. Hi, I have spent hours trying to use SRworks but when launching the Vive_SRWorks_Demo inside Experience folder I got "SRworks Initialization failed on PASSTHROUGH: -1". I got the same error with the Unity Plugin inside a new project launching the sample scene. SteamVR 15.19 SRWorks Unity 2019.4.20f1 I have run the test for the camera with steamVR and the camera are working perfectly. I have tried so many solutions I don't know what to do anymore. Thank you in advance for your help
  3. Hi! Thank you to consider my request so quickly. I have a total of 13 dongles and I tried with all of them. The first computer has an ASUS Motherboard and the other one has a MSI Motherboard. It s two completly different computers ( but both work with windows 10). I have updated all the trackers and steamVR. I do not know what to do more. I have set my lighthouse several times. Thank you in advance. IIG_Lab
  4. Hi, I have some tracking issues with the vive trackers but only when I reach 5 trackers. Indeed, I have tried with 4 trackers I did not see any tracking issues. But when I add a fifth tracker, all the trackers become instable and have some jitters. The fifth one is the worst. I don't know why . I have tried with different dongles and trackers since I have 13 vive trackers in the lab. and different computers ( Titan X and 1080Ti) I cannot have more than 4 trackers without any issues. You can see it in the video linked below: https://drive.google.com/a/epfl.ch/file/d/1sVSJG5_fmnjylUnhWcesAK8
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