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  1. Ok, I understand, I look forward to that addition. Thanks for answering, I reallly appreciate your time!
  2. Hi , Sorry, I should have been more clear. I'm trying to understand if Viveport will automatically show a UI on top of my Unity app to show that an achievement is unlocked - just like a Unity app that was launched via Steam would have a Steam "achievement unlocked" popup automatically shown. Does the Viveport SDK assume each app will implement their own UI to display this? Thanks!
  3. Hello! Thanks for the reply! We do everything through step 4, but I have not yet tried step 5-6. I had assumed that a banner would appear (as it does on Steam) indicating that an achievement was unlocked. Is there no UI for this? Thanks for your help!
  4. Hello - just touching base if anyone has any information on this? Thanks!
  5. Hi all, We have a Unity-based app into which we've integrated the latest SDK. We are calling init (with our proper Viveport_Id), then IsReady, then DownloadStats. No errors along the way. (We also created a bunch of achievements in the developer console.) Then we make a test call to SetAchievement (followed by UploadStats), but nothing happens. Shouldn't this trigger an in-app dialog? We also tried uploading a beta build and playing it by launching from the Viveport client app, but still, nothing happens when an achievement should be unlocked. Is there something else we need to do to be able to test? Any help is much appreciated!
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