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  1. Thanks for the reply:) I've tried using a displayport to hdmi cable with no luck. Or do you mean the orange one that connects to the vive itself? I don't know how to test that one. USB seems to work - sound works on the vive with no problems at least.
  2. I've been having this problem for a little while now. I've been searching for answers everywhere and tried everything, but nothing has helped. The HMD lights in red and always gives me a 208 error code. I've had my Vive since April 2016, and it's been working perfectly up until just recently. I've tried: - usbdeview to remove usb drivers - updating nvidia drivers - plugging the cables directly into my pc - reinstalling steamvr - making sure direct mode is enabled - opt in (and out) of steamvr beta - made sure cables are secured properly several times - using a display port to hdmi cable - probably others things I can't think of right now - plugging it into a different PC with the exact same results (Also did all the same troubleshooting on that PC) My motherboard is an ASUS z170-p and my graphics card is a 970 gtx I have a SteamVR System Report saved as a .txt file if that is of any help... Any ideas? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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