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  1. Due to v0.7.0.0 is not even compatible with the commercial Vive Pro Eye, it may not be helpful.
  2. Here is SRanipal SDK, https://developer.vive.com/resources/knowledgebase/vive-sranipal-sdk/, for your purpose, especially enclosed Unity plugin may be for your C# interest.
  3. It is not related to filtering. It contains certain index for internal use only.
  4. From your video, the major factor contributes the oscillation would be the latency between head movement and eye tracker, The other one may be gaze beyond FOV 20° .
  5. Refer to VIVE PRO EYE SPECS for accuracy in https://www.vive.com/eu/product/vive-pro-eye/. gaze_ray_paramete set by SetEyeParameter() defines the sensitive factor of gaze ray in [0,1] . where 1 means it is raw gaze vector w/o adding a filter post-processing for gaze tremble and 0 means it is post processed with strongest filter to remove gaze tremble.
  6. Double confirmed. It is documented in SDK document. keyword searching for SetEyeParameter though the description is as same in code. Refer to VIVE PRO EYE SPECS for accuracy in https://www.vive.com/eu/product/vive-pro-eye/.
  7. In VR, you could collect the hit rate of gaze raycast to certain objects.
  8. To follow up the question regrading SetEyeParameter(). There is an filter added to the gaze vector to prevent from gaze tremble, ex. when look at far distance in some use cases. The sensitive factor is contrast to the filter's strength. Would suggest to use ViveSR::anipal::Eye::VerboseData.combined for gaze raycast.
  9. version is an early access version which is not compatible with v1.0 formal release and no longer maintain it.
  10. Post again. it will be included in later SDK document.
  11. Basically, for your referral Realsense example, you could create a mask from depth map according to your ROI distance, and then apply this mask to the undistorted left-eye image in the image center.
  12. You could adjust the near and far range as the enclosed figure to select your ROI distance.
  13. 1. Yes, you need to lauch eye tracking calibration from VR dashboard first. 2. refering this thread for coodinate explaination, https://community.viveport.com/t5/Vive-SRanipal-SDK/Vive-Pro-Eye-Finding-a-single-eye-origin-in-world-space/m-p/31592#M10 3. Refering to eye tracking accuracy in VIVE PRO EYE SPECS, https://www.vive.com/eu/product/vive-pro-eye/ 4. Combined gaze may be more fit your use scenario.
  14. Refering to this thread, https://community.viveport.com/t5/Vive-SRanipal-SDK/Vive-Pro-Eye-Finding-a-single-eye-origin-in-world-space/m-p/31592#M10.
  15. SRWorks needs dual-cam such as Vive Pro, Vive Pro Eye. Thre is a sample in SteamVR Unity plugin at $(SteamVR)\Extras\SteamVR_TestTrackedCamera.unity showing how to access front cam on Vive
  16. - It will be supported in next release.
  17. Currently, if HMD is not Vive Pro Eye, Unity plugin will provide a fixed eye gaze according to HMD movemt.
  18. A eye_data_validata_bit_mask defined in struct SingleEyeData to indicate which data's validness listed below. Usually, the data becomes invalid when eye closed. enum SingleEyeDataValidity { SINGLE_EYE_DATA_GAZE_ORIGIN_VALIDITY,/*!<The validity of the origin of gaze of the eye data */ SINGLE_EYE_DATA_GAZE_DIRECTION_VALIDITY,/*!<The validity of the direction of gaze of the eye data */ SINGLE_EYE_DATA_PUPIL_DIAMETER_VALIDITY,/*!<The validity of the diameter of gaze of the eye data */ SINGLE_EYE_DATA_EYE_OPENNESS_VALIDITY,/*!<The validity of the openness of the eye data */ SINGLE_EYE_DATA_PUPIL_POSITION_IN_SENSOR_AREA_VALIDITY/*!<The validity of normalized position of pupil */ };
  19. SR_Runtime needs admin privilege to do certain system configurations.
  20. , 1. Have you tried the pre-built Unity Experience exectuble having same issue? 2. Does the depth function works OK in Experience? 3. Have you re-room setup again having same issue? 4. Are you able to capture and show the image with this mis-match here? Thank you.
  21. What way you see the pass through video in HMD?
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