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  1. Probably this link answer your headset movement question. Not really understand you question regarding eye tracking data using other SDK. What your intention?
  2. Which SRWorks version are you using? If you use SRWorks v0.8.0.2, you need to use SteamVR unity plugins 1.2.3 package (https://github.com/ValveSoftware/steamvr_unity_plugin/releases/tag/1.2.3 ). Or you could try SRWorks v0.8.5.0 beta program.
  3. The front camera resolution is VGA fisheye. You may feel demo video better because it is seen on a monitor whose resolution usually lower than HMD's panel and it is much near to eyes in HMD. Recommend to apply a Filter like these.
  4. Which SRWorks version and GPU model you are using? @CaIIIeR
  5. Thanks for your feedback. We noticed this issue and will be addressed in the next release.
  6. Next public release would be v0.9.x, maybe in following a couple of weeks, One of major changes is re-architectured to client-sever based just like another Vive SDK SRanipal. In between, could try v0.8.5.0
  7. @もりぞぅ To use SteamVR 2.0 Unity Plugin with SRWorks v0.8.5.0 Experience. If you try sample scene included in SRWorks Unity plugin, you do not need SteamVR Unity plugin.
  8. @cheeseJelly Which SRWorks version you using?
  9. @JayKay you need SRWorks above to run on RTX 2080,
  10. Expecting that the function LoadDeviceParameter in \Assets\ViveSR\Scripts\ViveSR_DualCameraCalibrationTool.cs would be called to load saved values.
  11. Using GetCameraIntrinsics() to get each camera intrinsics from OpenVR
  12. If you intend to build standalone executable for your project incorporating AI.Vision module, you need to manually copy the deep learning models under /Assets/ViveSR/Plugins/model to $(YOUR_STANDADLONE_EXE)/Plugins/model.
  13. Why not changing the scale of your game object smaller?
  14. It is a typo. It should be Millimeter.
  15. It is under quality assurance process.
  16. @okocha1337 It would be similar to original usage. For post processing the real image scene, attach the processing to the DualCamera (left) and DualCamera (right ) under ViveSR as below instead of VR camera.
  17. Guessing you are asking how to do a visual effect like this video? If so, here is a sample code provided in Experience_Unity > Assets > ViveSR_Experience > Scenes>Sample1_Effects_SwitchMode.unity
  18. @mstengel You could leave a request in this thread List of Supported GPUs for v0. beta program.
  19. Accuracy is 0.5°~1.1° within FOV 20°, not related to distance. Eye surgery, eye disease, heavy makeup, and high myopia may affect eye tracking performance. @dagillespie
  20. May I have your detailed test scenario? always been reproduced?
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