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  1. It would be similar to original usage. For post processing the real image scene, attach the processing to the DualCamera (left) and DualCamera (right ) under ViveSR as below instead of VR camera.
  2. Guessing you are asking how to do a visual effect like this video? If so, here is a sample code provided in Experience_Unity > Assets > ViveSR_Experience > Scenes>Sample1_Effects_SwitchMode.unity
  3. @mstengel You could leave a request in this thread List of Supported GPUs for v0. beta program.
  4. Accuracy is 0.5°~1.1° within FOV 20°, not related to distance. Eye surgery, eye disease, heavy makeup, and high myopia may affect eye tracking performance. @dagillespie
  5. May I have your detailed test scenario? always been reproduced?
  6. A simpler way, 1. Perform 3D reconstruction like this video first and save the scanned result as OBJ. 2. Reload the OBJ into you scene. 3. Through SRWorks Unity API, ex: GetAllHorizontal(Vertical) / GetLargestHorizontal(Vertical) / GetColliderWithProperties( property array ), to get your desired collider property for your virtual object placement. 4. Or, you could even perform 3D Semantic Segmentation like this video to find wall or floor. A Sample code provided in Experience_Unity > Assets > ViveSR_Experience > Scenes\Sample9 – Semantic Segmentation.
  7. The current version on developers website v0.8.0.2 does not support Turing architecture, ex: RTX 2080. You could leave a request in this thread, List of Supported GPUs, for Beta trial program.
  8. May I know your SRWorks version and GPU model?
  9. May I know what is your display resolution? Vive Pro Eye's front camera is a fisheye camera in 640x480 and HMD's panel is 1440x1600 per eye, so it may not be as good as seen in the desktop display.
  10. Do you use EyeData.timestamp in your code? v1.1.2.0 addressed an issue existed in v. that returns a wrong unit of timestamp. If you did your own workaround for it in your code with v., it may have unexpected behavior with v1.1.2.0.
  11. v2 is recommended. The major differences are O-mouth is split into multiple blend-shape for better animation To support Tongue To support eye's Wide blend-shape
  12. vivecosmos"s passthrough is different pipeline from SRworks with vive pro. The passthrough latency of SRWorks with Vive Pro is ~ 100ms since v0.
  13. @marcellotham VIVE_SRanipalInstaller_1.1.2.0.msi + SRanipal_SDK_1.1.0.1.zip
  14. It has been addressed in SR_runtime to v1.1.2.0. please update it here, https://hub.vive.com/en-US/download.
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