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  1. Today, we've released a new ROM update version 3.07.623.3 for the Focus Plus. This update is available as a FOTA and you should receive a message in your device prompting you to make the update. It includes a medley of improvements, listed below. Here are the release notes: Add support for Wi-Fi 2.4GHz band. Add support for VIVEPORT Streaming. Add Wi-Fi setting and Cast function on the Power button menu when in Kiosk mode (to disable, go to More Settings > Kiosk mode). Enable/Disable “Lost tracking” warning in Developer options. Adjust the play area size (2x2m, 3x3m, or 4x4m) in Developer options. Show controller firmware version in Quick Settings > Controller. Add a 5GHz regulatory e-label for Japan in More Settings > About > Certification. Add Korean language support. Update WAVE SDK version to 3.1.7.
  2. Hello One and All, If you're interested in creating mobile VR content for the Wave platform and you want to win cash prizes, check out the Wave Developer Awards - https://developer.vive.com/resources/2019/12/17/viveport-launches-wave-developer-awards/. We are now accepting submissions through April 10, 2020 at 11:59pm (GMT+8). Check out the video for inspiration and see some of the great games and apps that already exist in the Wave ecosystem. Good luck and can't wait to see the great apps that you create!
  3. @dwig@novo Happy to hear that you have Miracast working with the Focus now through the older Firestick.
  4. @dwig@novo What are the models of the Samsung Smart TV and the Firestick 4K? Not all of these models support the Miracast standard. The Focus Plus requires Miracast to work. You can find out if they do or not by visiting the manufacturer's website. If they do say that Miracast is supported let me know the model numbers and I'll chat with my team.
  5. @ji_com Please send me a private message with your Focus app and the team and I will take a look.
  6. @VRRehab hmm, so strange that it seems to start to work 10% of the time. Is it possible to record a logcat when you attempt a Miracast connection and send me a private message with those details? I will consult with my team and dig in a bit deeper. One other thing to try - when you do see that Allow Focus to Connect check box on the computer, hit Yes, and then in the Focus Plus navigate away from the Settings Menu and go to the Viveport Home menu or your another application.
  7. @VRRehab I'd like to help you solve this issue with casting. I'll give general guidance first and then have some specific questions for you below: You might have already seen this, but please take another look at this guide for projecting the Focus Plus to an external device via Miracast. It is very important to note that VIVE Focus Plus only supports projecting to a 5GHz band Miracast device. To find out if your Miracast device supports the 5GHz band, look up your Miracast device's model on the manufacturer’s website or check its user guide. In good news, since you've had the casting working before, then it should work again. Some questions: 1.) Do you see a popup on your external monitor asking for permission for the Focus or Focus Plus to connect? See - ConnectFocustoProjectPopup.jpg 2.) What is the behavior that you see on the external monitor after you click Connect (to external device) in the Focus Plus? Do you see anything on the external monitor such as a blue screen that says Focus is About to Project (see image)? 3.) What is the brand and model name of the dongle or the wireless card of the target device (external monitor)?
  8. It bears repeating that the Focus and Focus Plus only work with the Miracast standard. I've successfully had these devices streaming to several Window 8.1 and Windows 10 computers and LG smart tvs. Here is a guide to projecting the Focus Plus to an external device via Miracast. Please note, that in recent ROM updates, you are no longer able to project the Focus Settings menu, so be sure to navigate to the Viveport Home screen or an app to test that Miracast is casting to your target device. In my past experience, I've noticed that connecting to Windows 8.1 and 10 was very easy. However, to connect with the tvs I'd have to turn the Focus wifi off/on a couple times before a connection was firmly established. @Tobias
  9. @pascalvanbeek, @Tony PH Lin It is because the HMDs that are 1.69.1405.6 ROMs are from China and the others which are 1.93.1400.2 are global ROMs. The 1.69.1405.6 are not able to update to the global ROM.
  10. 1. The inside out tracking of the Focus relies on the cameras to sense edges and distinct points in the environment. A mono-colored wall or a non-textured environment does not make for good tracking conditions. The best tracking will come from an environment that has plenty of distinct points to track against on the floor, ground, and ceiling. 2. Ensure that the environment has adequate lighting (not too dim or direct sunlight). 3. The sweet “focus” spot of the Focus is in the center of the lens. It is recommended to keep the Focus adjustment dial tight (yet comfortable) on your head in order to keep the center of the lens lined up with your eyes. Looking a few tens of degrees beyond the center may start to increase the effect of “swimming”. 4. Although not recommended, the Focus can track outdoors as long as the environment has plenty of distinctive textures. Make sure not to expose the cameras and lenses to direct sunlight. You can turn off the Virtual Safety Wall (at your own risk), but it is recommended to leave the Virtual Safety Wall (2x2m) on. Always make sure that someone is watching out for you while you are in VR.
  11. @Elio961 Check out this link for more information about Android Debug Bridge and sideloading apps to your Focus device - https://forum.vive.com/forums/topic/2310-sideload-focus-content-and-android-debug-bridge-quick-tips/
  12. @paul, @Fangh, @VRC currently, VibrantNebula's suggestion of covering the IR proximity sensor with a piece of tape is the solution. @Tony PH Lin and I will check with the team to see if there are any software solutions we may be able to offer.
  13. @Tobias My team reports that the following devices and dongles support Miracast and allow the Focus and Focus Plus to project to an external screen: - Netgear Push2TV - Netgear PTV3000 - ScreenBeam Mini2 - Microsoft wireless display adapter V2.
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