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  1. Hello Droolon Cup Contest Entrants, This is the Final Call for Contest Submissions. Make sure that you’ve submitted your app by October 17, 2020. In order to post your final submission you will need to publish it to the Viveport Developer Console Beta Channel. The title must be designated as “Beta Published” in the console to be eligible. The Beta Testing channel will allow you to share your title with our judge panel. These are the panel email addresses to add as beta testers: DroolonCupJudge01@htc.com DroolonCupJudge02@htc.com DroolonCupJudge03@htc.com DroolonCupJudge04@htc.com DroolonCupJudge05@htc.com DroolonCupJudge06@htc.com DroolonCupJudge07@htc.com These emails are associated with Viveport accounts and when accessed add the contest apps to each judge’s account library. We look forward to seeing your applications and innovative use of eye tracking. Sincerely, The 7invensun and Vive Teams
  2. Here is a resource on how to calibrate head height - https://hub.vive.com/storage/docs/en-us/q_and_a_how_to_know_head_height.html
  3. Please refer to this thread, where we will assist you -
  4. @unikty, @Hosey More questions: 1.) Did you use Kiosk Mode? 1a.) And if so, how many apps did you set to run in Kiosk Mode? 2.) is the device connected to Wi-Fi?
  5. @Hosey Two requests: Please send me a private message with: 1.) the serial number of the Focus with the older firmware version The system version was 4.0 (rom 1.5.1405.1) . 2.) And please confirm the actual version number.
  6. @unikty Two requests: Please send me a private message with: 1.) serial number of the Focus with the older firmware version 2.) And please confirm the actual version number of the firmware on your device. Thank you!
  7. @Hosey Thanks for these details. It sounds like the device needs the updated firmware. I will discuss with my FOTA team and see how we can help get you an update.
  8. @Hosey I'll help you. First a few questions is this a Focus or Focus Plus? What firmware version? Was the device working as expected before the installation of this app? What is the app and version number that you installed? One other thing, from the boot loader menu if you select the reboot option what happens? What screen does it go to?
  9. @MDV Games Unfortunately, there is a delay in posting the next firmware update. It should be soon. I will post on this forum when it is available.
  10. @MDV Games Yes, we are releasing the Focus Plus ROM within the next couple days. And the Focus ROM will be released one week after. I will post on the forum once it is available. Thank you for asking.
  11. @Khaled_2018 from the Viveport Home menu, to Factory Reset, do Settings > More Settings > Reset. Then confirm that you wish to do a Factory data reset.
  12. @unikty See my reply to your other post here -
  13. @unikty You have two options, but they can only be enabled from the device itself - 1.) Don't Show Lost Tracking Message, 2.) Enable Passenger Mode. To do so, you must have Developer Options enabled on the device. 1.) Don't Show Lost Tracking Message: From the Viveport Home Menu: - Click On Settings - More Settings - Click Developer Options - scroll down and toggle Don't Show Lost Tracking Message. Note: This will keep the HMD as 6dof. 2.) scroll down and toggle Passenger Mode Use Passenger Mode if you only need 3dof rotational tracking then you can essentially make your Focus or Focus Plus into a 3dof HMD by enabling Passenger Mode. This is recommended if you are using the device in a moving vehicle or in darker spaces. To Enable Developer Options: From the Viveport Home Menu: - Click On Settings - More Settings - Scroll to About Device - Click on Build Number 7x to receive a message "You are now a Developer."
  14. @unikty According to my team there is not a way to override this message based on our current design.
  15. @atonalfreerider thank you for your kind words. In response to your questions, we recommend using the VIVE Input Utility as the best automated way to manage the Android Manifest. [Wave] The feedback “are broken as there is not wvr library accessible at compile time”, but the permission class is included in the wvr_permission_client.aar. If the project lost this library, the error will happen in the runtime. So if the broken is happening at compile time, do you have a successful import of the wvr_unity_sdk package? Please check in the project folder that does the file of WaveVR_PermissionManager.cs exist in the path of “Assets/WaveVR/Scripts”? Or please provide a more detailed fail log. [Wave] We had written the similar logic in our sample (SeaOfCubes), and it works. However, we checked and set to our XrInputSystem only. We need your help to clarify further: Try attached sample of NewBehaviourScript.cs If the issue still exists, please provide more info: 1. Which Unity version? 2. What does “otherwise not” actually mean? Do you mean that the floor origin is not set?? 3. Any other runtimes included? 4. Can you provide a log cat? [Wave] Developers should manually change the files for now, we are considering an easier way in the next release. NewBehaviourScript.cs
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