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  1. @pascalvanbeek Martijn, thank you for checking in. Unfortunately, our npm server is down. Currently our IT team is investigating.
  2. @Stanislav Kostikov We'll review. @Tony PH Lin Please ask the team to check this out.
  3. @Beta_Tester which version of the firmware are you currently running?
  4. Focus and Focus Plus Firmware Update Released: October 27, 2020 VIVE Focus Plus ROM: 4.14.623.1 VIVE Focus ROM (Global version): 3.13.623.1 VIVE Focus ROM (China version): 3.13.1405.1 Great news! We have a big firmware update packed with new features that just released today. Please read below for the highlights and full list of features: When you’re ready to upgrade your device(s) - From the Viveport Home Menu > Settings > System Update to upgrade. HIGHLIGHTS: · Show non-VR apps (e.g. Mobile Device Management) in the Library. · Record VR experience with Screen Recording. · Adjust casting screen ratio from 1:1 to 16:9. · Support VPN connection in More Settings. · Activate Kiosk mode by default. · Upgrade WAVE SDK to version 3.2. FEATURES: 1. Support two MDM solutions, AirWatch and MobileIron. Note: In this update, the Launcher > Library will show 2D apps installed by users. (apps in data partition) 2. Adjust casting screen ratio from square (1:1) to rectangular (16:9). Note: Any app rebuilt with WAVE SDK 3.1.94 can support 16:9 casting. (even it runs on older ROM version) In-house apps (ex: Launcher) will support 16:9 casting in this SU update. 3. Support debugfs and atrace for developers to perform app profiling. 4. Support screen recording. User can start/stop screen recording via Quick Menu. The ratio of video is 1:1, and will be saved in internal storage. 5. Enhance screen share experience. Add “Casting”, “Screenshot” functions to Quick Menu. 6. Support MediaProjection permission for app developing. 7. Add Wi-Fi domain setting into COTA configuration. Enterprise customer can batch configure Wi-Fi connectivity with domain setting via COTA. 8. Lower the volume of boot animation. 9. Support VPN function in More Settings. The same UI and settings of VPN function in smartphone. 10. Make Tutorial app visible in Library. 11. Upgrade to WAVE SDK v3.2. 12. Activate Kiosk mode by default. Thank you again for your patience and support. Cheers, The VIVE Team
  5. Thank you everyone for your submissions. The Contest Entry Period is now closed and we are now working with our judges to determine the winners.
  6. Hello Droolon Cup Contest Entrants, This is the Final Call for Contest Submissions. Make sure that you’ve submitted your app by October 17, 2020. In order to post your final submission you will need to publish it to the Viveport Developer Console Beta Channel. The title must be designated as “Beta Published” in the console to be eligible. The Beta Testing channel will allow you to share your title with our judge panel. These are the panel email addresses to add as beta testers: DroolonCupJudge01@htc.com DroolonCupJudge02@htc.com DroolonCupJudge03@htc.com DroolonCupJudge04@htc.com DroolonCupJudge05@htc.com DroolonCupJudge06@htc.com DroolonCupJudge07@htc.com These emails are associated with Viveport accounts and when accessed add the contest apps to each judge’s account library. We look forward to seeing your applications and innovative use of eye tracking. Sincerely, The 7invensun and Vive Teams
  7. Here is a resource on how to calibrate head height - https://hub.vive.com/storage/docs/en-us/q_and_a_how_to_know_head_height.html
  8. Please refer to this thread, where we will assist you -
  9. @unikty, @Hosey More questions: 1.) Did you use Kiosk Mode? 1a.) And if so, how many apps did you set to run in Kiosk Mode? 2.) is the device connected to Wi-Fi?
  10. @Hosey Two requests: Please send me a private message with: 1.) the serial number of the Focus with the older firmware version The system version was 4.0 (rom 1.5.1405.1) . 2.) And please confirm the actual version number.
  11. @unikty Two requests: Please send me a private message with: 1.) serial number of the Focus with the older firmware version 2.) And please confirm the actual version number of the firmware on your device. Thank you!
  12. @Hosey Thanks for these details. It sounds like the device needs the updated firmware. I will discuss with my FOTA team and see how we can help get you an update.
  13. @Hosey I'll help you. First a few questions is this a Focus or Focus Plus? What firmware version? Was the device working as expected before the installation of this app? What is the app and version number that you installed? One other thing, from the boot loader menu if you select the reboot option what happens? What screen does it go to?
  14. @MDV Games Unfortunately, there is a delay in posting the next firmware update. It should be soon. I will post on this forum when it is available.
  15. @MDV Games Yes, we are releasing the Focus Plus ROM within the next couple days. And the Focus ROM will be released one week after. I will post on the forum once it is available. Thank you for asking.
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