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  1. Hello, The second monitor was not part of the setup when i went back to using the vive. I unplugged the second monitor to use the vive. I updated my graphics drivers straight from the geforce website and that seems to have sorted this problem. But now i am having a second problem, everything shows green, but the headset it'self won't show images, it is tracked and has a light on the side, i can see it's movements in game.
  2. Hello, I have this laptop. ASUS ROG Strix GL502VM-FY173T 15.6 inch FHD Gaming Laptop (Intel Kabylake Core i5-7300HQ, 12 GB DDR4 RAM, 256 GB SSD, NVIDIA GTX1060 3 GB GDRR5 Graphi When i first got the laptop it ran my vive perfectly fine in direct mode. But after plugging a second monitor into it and then swapping back to the vive i get this error. Also i get error 306 after closing steam vr. Does anyone know how to fix this? Direct mode straight up doesn't work. And i can very occationally get non direct mode to work, but only with a very small number of games and even then they are tempermental. ( this problem has been fixed by a graphics driver update) Second problem mentioned below.
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