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  1. OK - then can we have this moved over to the NDA one which we're also part of (it's not clear which forum is which) - and we have the same issues with
  2. Shouldn't hardware be itterated with developers before public announcements? If it's out in Q3, there's already very little time to do development specific to the device. None of us even know about the supposed mobile phone connection and what that even means. That can have a big effect on titles and how they are produced.
  3. If we're to port to Cosmos, we need much more than just the controllers - especally for something really phsyical like Unseen Diplomacy - How does the device fit on the head (e.g. if we get people to roll, what will happen to the HMD) - Is there eye tracking - What tracking space size does it support - How is the tracking space setup - Length of any cables/distance of any streaming capabilities - How are the controllers tracked, exactly what are the dead areas and how does the SDK deal with those untracked areas i.e. if they are removed if untracked, or using best guess, and see how we can best avoid those movements for Cosmos players - What sort of resolution the HMD runs at, to know our minimium spec (e.g. min spec for game on Vive is different on Vive Pro) - Latency, so know what kind of gameplay to avoid - Feel of controllers, so to know what actions to map to what and if we need to not allow players to put their body weight on the rings - Any capacitance in the controllers - Windows 7 supported or not
  4. As I originally posted here; http://steamcommunity.com/app/358720/discussions/0/343788552533495980/ We've had this Pre kit for a while, but one day a controller got stuck. It was like it had crashed, stuck not responding to buttons (inc. all the magical combinations of trigger, menu, grip, touch etc), PC didn't see it being plugged in, stuck on a white light. It eventually ran out of battery, so I put it on charge, no light. We left it for a while, and I'm just trying to recover it now. Using the method below I have it to a semi-life support state; Hold down the trigger, menu button, track pad button, and grip buttons on the controller (everything except the system button). While holding the buttons, plug your controller into your computer with a microUSB cord. Wait for five seconds and release the buttons. IGNORE the new storage device that appears and unplug the micro USB cord to reset. Then start SteamVR and see if the controller is detected correctly and if it says there is a firmware update. The controller now only works when powered via USB. It makes this odd very high pitched beep when trying to switch it on without USB power, and no LED flash or hold is seen. When when connected via USB, the tracking is beyond terrible, unusable. It's always been looked after, and hasn't really had any hard hits - it's like the firmware crashed and now the battery has failed somehow. We were in the middle of a game demo, so were not updating the firmware - but it currently reports it's on the latest firmware. Any ideas?
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