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  1. Same here. vive pro with wireless adapter (me too got on preorder) and base stations 1.0. i7 8700 Nvidia 1080 Ti SLI I’m using the Valve Index controllers, you? @Synthesis @VibrantNebula
  2. Same issue here. HTC Vive Pro with wireless adpater. Only BT in SteamVr USB tab and no camera working. 3 little red "x" testing camera. Before everything worked fine... one day it stopped to work. Needless to say i tried everything: uninstall all, reinstall all, switch back to cabled then swith again to wireless adapter, USB 2, USB 3, USB C with adaptor, no USB HUB, with USB HUB, SteamVr beta, windows update, bla bla bla. For a so expensvie device HTC should garantee better stability. Bad support, bad testing, bad documentation. I came from the first HTC Vive and I hoped for a better experience considering the time spent between the two generations. Never more a HTC product. Bye HTC, welcome Pimax.
  3. I have the same issue, many games do not start on HMD but on monitor seem to boot correctly. "Raw data", "Robo heist" for example. Other games like "Arizona sunshine", "Hover junkers" and "Gorn" work fine. I tried to connect the monitor with HDMI instead of the display port, to connect it on the scecond GPU but nothing... My setuo is: Vive Pro + Wireless adapter, i7, 16 Gb DDR4, M.2 RAID 0 HDDs, SLI 2x 1080Ti (Aorus liquid)
  4. Hi, I have exactly the same problem, after about an hour of playng the display starts to flash gray and the tracking jitters, the camera floats at mid air, sometimes fly away as well as the controllers. I tried everything: move the lighthouses, infinites install and uninstall (Vive software, USB drivers etc), connect the headset directly with 3-in-1 cable etc. Nothing. I contacted the support, I described the problem saying that they had to try it for about an hour, they gave me a shipment label and, after a week, the headset is coming back with no issue found. What should I do to get my Vive correctly working? I bought it on october 2017 and it never worked as it should. Please help! PN: 99HALN004-00 SN: FA71AAB03393 Headset SN: FA71DJJ01759 Thank you, Alessio
  5. Hi all, I bought a Vive on https://store.eu.vive.com/store/ I'm in Italy. Wich type of plug does the Vive and Lighthouses have (US, UK etc...)?
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