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  1. Hi Tony, we have already published our first VR project on Viveport "Interior VR" using the 4.18. And we keep getting strange errors with 4.20 in all fields, including the mobile vr. That's why I keep asking if and how we could keep working on 4.18, at least until the 4.21 gets a few more fixes and we can try it there (and when you support it ofc).
  2. Hello, Thats exactly what i'am doing. I'am using 4.18 plugin for 4.18 project. Regards!
  3. Hello, I have strange streaming problem on 4.20.2 Scalability settings set to cinematic, streaming pool to 2048. When i launch on focus it says "texture streaming pool over ( every time different number usually between 3-8 ) mb budget" As far i see i cant extend the pool over 2k with r.Streaming.PoolSize The strange thing is that i have only two textures above 1k and the rest are under 1k. I will post snip of the texture statistics
  4. Hello, Yeah i've already tried that. But when i delete WaveVR plugin binaries folder i can't start the project. It says "Binaries for the WaveVR plugin are missing or incompatible with the current engine version" Also i tried to open the default WaveVR Plugin project as i mentioned with the 4.18 plugin, but it says to me i need to rebuild from source . Regards!
  5. Hello , Thanks for the provided Links ! I've downloaded WaveSDK-UnrealPlugin-1.0 and WaveSDK-UnrealPlugin-binary-1.0 I've copied binaries from plugin binary1.0 to SDK, and WaveVR Binaries to Project> plugins WaveVR.Also WVR to engine version instalation folder. And tried to start plugin project but when it ask me to rebuild missing modules and i click yes it says to me that i need to rebuild from source manually Regards!
  6. I cant launch 4.18 project i have my WVR plugin placed in engine instalation folder, but i think plugin it self is mesed up somehow. Can someone post a link from where i can download 4.18 WVR plugin ? It gives me this errors : fatal error: file 'D:\UE4_Inst\Epic Games\EngineVersions\UE_4.18\Engine\Source\ThirdParty\WVR\include\wvr\wvr_system.h' has been modified since the precompiled header 'D:/***/Plugins/WaveVR/Intermediate/Build/Android/UE4/Development/WaveVR/PCH.WaveVR-armv7-es2.h.gch' was built ERROR: UBT ERROR: Failed to produce item: D:\***\Binaries\Android\WertigoVRFocus-armv7-es2.so Command failed (Result:5): D:\UE4_Inst\Epic Games\EngineVersions\UE_4.18\Engine\Binaries\DotNET\UnrealBuildTool.exe WertigoVRFocus Android Development -Project=D:\***\WertigoVRFocus.uproject D:\***\WertigoVRFocus.uproject -NoUBTMakefiles -remoteini="D:\***" -skipdeploy -ini:Game:[/script/UnrealEd.ProjectPackagingSettings ]:BlueprintNativizationMethod=Disabled -noxge -NoHotReload -ignorejunk. See logfile for details: 'UnrealBuildTool-2018.10.10-16.25.13.txt' Regards!
  7. Hi, thanks so much for the quick reply. We are planning to use it for a educational purpose. The project for which we hope we can use more than two lighthouses (so we can have a single player with a backpack PC walking around the real dimensions and not teleport at all) is aimed for training mainly students. We are currently Sony partners and Enterprise EPIC users and we mostly need dev solutions. We already saw that steamVR can detect multiple lighthouse couples, but as I mentioned it simply gets unstable. If there is a inhouse version of the software which allows having a larger play area (larger than the 5m diagonal) is there a way for us to apply for it so that we can test a real size factory dimesion. What we basically aim for - functionality wise - is more or less the same walking capabilities as seen on this Ghostbusters experience Please let me know if you think we might have some kind of a solution to the multiple lighthouses issue. I'd happily discuss the project in greater detail on a less public forum because all the NDAs we are currently under. Best regards, Daniel
  8. Hello, Community Recently bought my second vive and i tried to extent my play area with the base statioins from the second vive, so i tried to connect four of them. First i tried to go with bluetooth for two of them, the others on cable.I tried so many different chanell combinations for each pair of basestations.Also i put each pair on cable connection. After alot of tinkering steamvr recognize all of them in green anyways the connection was unstable, they goes random from grey to green in steamvr tab.I tried to run room setup, but the headset is not recognized no matter where i'am in the player area.Also i update firmware for all basestations. So my question is it possible to play Vive on 3 or more basestations ? If yes how i could do that ? Have a nice day !
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