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  1. In my case I did try with anoother vive 3-in-1 cable, and it did not work. How did you contact tech support? Might try that as well.
  2. It was imported from the United States I believe.
  3. Can you please help me contact support for RMA? I am living in Brazil, and honestly have no idea how to do that, or even if there is a local support. For example, should I try to contact HTC or valve/steam? If you could give an email, phone number or w/e that would be awesome too. Thanks!
  4. All images below were taken with baselights and headset properly connected, powered and positioned. The only things I did not turn on were the controllers. Also, the only exception are the last two images, at which I removed the HDMI cable from the HMD. The image below is the on you asked. All cables are properly connected: The following images were taken without the HDMI cable from the HMD (I unplugged it, and left it dangling)
  5. Hello! My vive is now 3 months old, and since yesterday it has been giving me a lot of headache. The HMD display just won't turn on anymore, the lens show nothing, the LED on it is always red, only rarely showing up green for less than half a second. Because I have a friend who also owns one (a working one), I did the following tests: Unplug only my HMD and put it on my friend's setup, using his cables and all the rest. Result: same issue Unplug only his HMD and put it on my setup, using my cables and the rest: Result: his HMD worked just fine. I have also tried resetting and updating th
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